17 Things You Need to Know Today

  1. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two completely different things.
  2. The song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as originally a threat from lower class servants to their wealthy masters (“we won’t go until we get some” yo).
  3. The holidays aren’t a reason to be nice — do that shit all year round.
  4. Your holiday isn’t the only holiday.
  5. These things actually exist. Jesus H. Christ.
  6. There is no war on Christmas, only bullshit news conjured-up to take focus from the real fucking news.
  7. Christmas is derived from pagan celebrations. There were no shopping malls in Jerusalem back in the day. The more you learn about a holiday, the more you understand why you celebrate and what that holiday means to you. And it’s totally cool if your holiday WHY doesn’t match someone else’s.
  8. Danielle LaPorte has an awesome and FREE download right now, filled with cool shit to un-fuck your occasionally fucked life. Need inspiration? Go get it.
  9. For every dollar you spend in a locally-owned store instead of on Amazon or another big box retailer, an angel has an orgasm and yells, “Oh god!”
  10. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t very real. The next time you find something you don’t understand, asking a question instead of recoiling into a protective armadillo-type ball could make your world brighter and richer than its ever been.
  11. The only person standing between where you are and what you want…is you.
  12. Shinola is a Detroit-based company that makes amazing, handcrafted journals. They’ll even monogram them for free and are offering FREE 2-day shipping if you order by 2pm CT on today, the 21st. I own 3 and don’t regret a single one.
  13. When you’re scared shitless and paralyzed, the best (and bravest) move is to take one step in any direction. I’m always surprised by how different the world looks from even one inch over.
  14. My Hippo’s neck is hurt again and this sucks because there is little worse than seeing a pup in poopy pain.
  15. If you don’t look away from that person asking for money outside the train station or coffee shop the next time you walk by, you just might be reminded of how much you have and how little it takes to give.
  16. There’s a difference between silliness and wasting time. Every life has room for silliness. Ain’t nobody got time for wasting time. Know the difference, and the people and things that bring you each.
  17. Bitching about the world in Facebook status updates won’t change much, so get your ass out there and be a part of your community. Fight. As my friend Sonia called it, “become INDIVISIBLE.”


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