5 Weird Reasons I’m Going to Blog World 2009

Flickr.com/Alexandra Nicole Photography via Creative CommonsYou’re expecting some smartass remarks about why, in 8 days, I’m boarding a plane for Las Vegas. I fucking HATE Las Vegas. I lived there for 3.5 years and stayed as long as I did for my friends and access to outdoor adventure. I don’t miss The Strip. I don’t miss the endless days of commercialized debauchery. I don’t miss reeking of smoke after having to walk through a casino to get to my restaurant of choice.

But there are five really weird reasons I’m going to Blog World 2009.

  • Human interaction. I text, tweet, blog, write and email all damn day. Conversations with real, live people will be nice. Very, very nice. I hoping that some will be spectacular. If I were Baz Lurhmann, I’d even say, “Spectacular, Spectacular!”
  • Morbid curiosity. Again, it’s about putting faces with personas. Unearthing the men and women behind their online facades. I think it’s all very well and good to develop an online following that values your opinions, insights and expertise but that’s all worth fuckall if you can’t back it up in person.
  • Analysis. Aside from the hordes of vendors who want to pimp their wares to me like a $10 blow job, I’ve never attended an industry convention. Ever. I genuinely want to know WHY people go to these things, especially in a cesspool city like Las Vegas. I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised, yet approaching the 3-day immersion with a bit of trepidation. It’s not that I’m trying to come across like an asshole or anything, but I genuinely want to know WHY people go to these things. Educate me.
  • Sleeping in a hotel room. I admit it – I love to travel. Vegas though it may be, I get to be somewhere else for awhile. My pups will get to play with other pups non-stop for 4 days, and I – she who works from a home office or bookstore du jour – will get to be away.
  • Fodder.People are inherently weird and Las Vegas is the epicenter of the universe for weird. I am relishing being bombarded by weird. As the title of this blog states, I’m a little into weird. Oh, and I have an iPhone with a camera. If you’re being a jackass in my vicinity, rest assured: it’s going on Twitter.

The not-so-weird reasons I’m going to Blog World include catching up with my friend Jodi (we’re roomies!), seeing friends while in town, and maybe even learning a thing or two. Whatever comes out of the experience, this I know: I won’t be sad to board the plane back to Denver on Monday morning at 7am, but perhaps I’ll look forward to coming back again next year.

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If you’re coming to Blog World, look a sista up. Leave a comment below.