8 Bold and Ballsy Brands You Could Learn a Thing or Two From

bold brand personalityLet’s talk about a few big ass brands.
To my left, THAT is a big ass. Well, he’s standing in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Maybe he’s a moderately sized ass. For the sake of this conversation, I’m going to go with big ass — no judgement on his weight, however.

American Express OPEN Forum gives me a lot of leeway when it comes to topics I discuss in my columns. This week, I took a wing-ding and decided to delve in to eight bold and brazen brands that — by most marketing standards — would be giant WTFs and no-nos. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t put the kibosh on a few brands that made the list.

So, where did I find most of these brands?

Well, I found them from you.

See, my community is the best set of eyes and ears I’ve got so last week, I asked the Redhead Writing Facebook Community to share their feedback on their favorite bold brands. I was looking for brands ripe with personality and doing things other brands would never dream of doing. You can view the entire conversation here.

If you’ve ever been afraid to be bold, to up your brand ante and say what your brand has been itching to say — this might be the best thing you read all week.

I’m talking about eight brands, from a Manhattan-based mini storage company (seriously?) to a creator of questionable t-shirts, that have bold brand personality down to a science.

So, thanks for sharing your favorite “big ass” brands — ready to see which 8 companies made the list?

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Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett

Harvey Mackay's column this week highlights Larry Winget who he refers to as the Pitbull of Personal Development.  He and Erika would make a great program.

Landa Williams
Landa Williams

My friend in the IT/security biz was touring a prospect's facility. When they got to the cafeteria, he remarked on the "big-ass fans". His prospect took him over to the wall switch, where it said, of course, Big Ass Fan. My partner and I have a staffing firm in the creative/marketing industry called LandaJob. My name's Landa, his is Ralph. I think we made the right choice.


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