A Lickalotapus, a Redhead and William Shatner Walk Into a Bar

Short, sweet and to the point today – yours truly is the featured guest on the latest installment of the Social Blend Podcast! A huge thanks to Jay Fowler and Greg Davies for having me on. I had a blast and RedheadWriting readers can check out the podcast online or download it for your portable audio pleasure (yeah, baby – take me on the treadmill…yeaaaaaah). In this episode, you’ll learn about the origins of my Bitch Slap series, the definition of a Lickalotapus and the truth about whether I’m a Star Trek geek or not.

The content is NSFW, so if you’re listening at work, EARBUDS for all that’s holy. It’s a great hour and a half of uncensored, unedited conversation and if you’re into online audio, you may want to add this to your regular listening list. The show regularly features kickass folks like Tamar Weinberg of Techipedia (one of the first ladies I followed on StumbleUpon who led me to learn about the tech space), Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer (another long-time StumbleUpon follow and owner of a fine platypus shirt) and a hateful list of people who are by far way more important than I’ll ever be – so yeah. Bookmark this and have a listen.

And serious props to the gents at Social Blend for the cool graphic mashup. That comic cracks my shit up EVERY TIME (and was initially shared with me by the late, incomparable Jason Schippers).

Tomorrow is Friday…and you know what that means. We slap!

Patrick Reyes
Patrick Reyes

Always enjoy reading and really got a kick out of hearing you! Nice work, Erika!

Greg Davies/cGt2099
Greg Davies/cGt2099

I am still cleaning my house after recording the show last night. We made a mess. Also, who left the goat in my house?


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