There are one of two reasons you’re on this page:

  1. You think I’m going to write about your company in one of my magazine columns for either American Express OPEN Forum or Entrepreneur Magazine.
  2. You want to pitch me a guest blog.

Either are most valid. Let me help you not waste your time.

Note: all pitches must go through the form on this page, uh huh uh huh. Yup.

Entrepreneur Magazine

No longer accepting pitches. I’ve enjoyed a gorgeous relationship with Entrepreneur since June 2011 — my debut issue. My September 2013 column for them will be my last. Keep reading them, sharing their articles, and reading the stories they cover. This will give you an idea as to how best approach their editors should you feel your story is a fit.

American Express OPEN Forum

I like catchy headlines. I loathe generic lists posts. I love weird stories. Read my column archives and pitch me your story using the form below.

Please note: if you email me a press release or other cut-and-paste, impersonal pitch nightmare, I will kidnap your family llama and blacklist you forever. Yep.

Guest Blogs

I swear to all that is holy — if you are a content marketing agency pitching to send me nameless, personality-free articles, I will hunt you down and beat you senseless with a wooden platypus. The only people who write for my site are PEOPLE and content farms aren’t people with incredible stories. If you’ve read anything on my site, you should know that I don’t take crap like this. Stop pitching me. Seriously.

Not a content farm? Read on.

Here’s what I care about for all of my guest bloggers: YOU.

Personal stories of glorious triumph, near-successes, heart-shattering misses. Not everyone wins. Let me see YOU.

Use the form below and be sure to answer all of the questions.

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