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Erika’s Bio

Erika Napoletano – where to begin? She’s taller than a taco but shorter than a supermodel. That’s probably not important.

Erika lives to help others create the next better thing — themselves, a business — whatever it is that they crave to evolve. We all get stuck. Erika gets people UNstuck and on to the business of being awesome.

While Forbes encourages folks to think of Erika as “a redheaded, tattooed Tina Fey with a special weakness for four letter words,” it’s not all funny business. Erika is also an award-winning, twice-published author, including The Power of Unpopular (Wiley 2012), a current columnist for American Express OPEN Forum and former columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, an acclaimed speaker from TEDxBoulder 2012, and speaks at events all over the world on the inherent power of truth in business… or as she refers to it, the power of unpopularity. Learn more about her at

Press Inquiries

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Erika Napoletano In the News – Selected Mentions

Most Recent:

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On Video:

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In Print:

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