And the Lord Said – Let there be Ponies!

Erika Napoletano - RedheadWritingWhat seems like eons ago, I started vote whoring again. This time, however, it was for something in my own backyard – a chance to win some bling-bling (aka a pony!) in Westword‘s Best of the Web Awards. For those not in Denver, it’s our local pop culture rag, owned by the popular Voice media group (y’know – the Village Voice-n-schiz?). Two days ago, I got an email essentially threatening me with my life if I told anyone, but that I should plan on showing up at the awards. Okay, maybe the threat was in my own mind, but I could only invite one guest and it wasn’t for “public consumption.” Riiiiiight.

So last night, I WON A HAT! I won a motherfucking HAT, yo. I’m sorry to disappoint all of you who had dibs on time-sharing the pony, but it’s not just a hat – it’s got a pom pom on top. I said goddamn.

What did I win the hat for? Oh – right. Whoops. I won Best Facebook Fan Page for Promotion of a Personal Brand. So thank you, monkays. For you readership, your nominations, and most importantly, for being my community. And thanks to Westword for confirming that the f-bomb is an effective tool for communication. Yippee-fuckin’-skip. And a huge shout out to Unseen Denver, run by the illustrious Rick Ramos and Dave Pennington – they took home the award for the Best Neighborhood Blog (and rightly so!). Follow ’em on Twitter, subscribe to their blog, check out their fan page and all that jazz. Another w00t shout to TweetyGotBack, voted Best Startup (awesomeness, Heather!).

And speaking of community…I owe the whole lot of you a super-loving smack, square on the ass. Over the past few weeks, which have inarguably been the most difficult in my life, you’ve been here. It instilled feelings of more than melancholy last night at the Westword event when I couldn’t turn left or right and see Jason smiling back at me. I miss him terribly and can only describe the void left behind as a hole I can never dream of filling. Your words, messages, emails, wall posts, tweets, DMs and phone calls are unbelievable in volume and I find comfort in knowing that you’re not just here for the free ponies. Whatever I’ve done in this life to deserve YOU…it brings me to tears. Fucking soppy, heaving, unpretty tears. So thanks for making me cry. And crying isn’t all that bad. I won’t argue that the Universe screwed up big time when it decided to take Jason out of its physical mix, but he was – and still is – one of the people I’ve come to trust on this doubt-ridden path to becoming vastly unpopular with exactly the right people. Like all the folks NOT reading this. And he’s worth every tear.

So, umm…yeah. Thanks. Is that Elvis?

Erika Napoletano - RedheadWritingAnd you might notice some changes in The Redhead today. My Twitter avatar, Facebook Fan Page and About Page have gotten facelifts. An enormous thanks to Darren Mahuron at Summit Studios in Fort Collins, CO for my new shots. These were taken the day I had my first real “date” with Jason. I’d texted him during the shoot to say I’d gone from Executive Dominatrix to Marian the Librarian to Bratty Schoolgirl so far that day, the reply was, “You have no idea how wide my eyes just got.” So, these are for Jason, who never had the opportunity to see the finished product. And for you. And most importantly, for me. They’re more “me” than I’ve ever been and on a day where I’m announcing that others have chosen to celebrate me, fuckin’ A – I’m going to put on my Big Girl Britches and do the same.

My thanks, monkays…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    WE LOVE OUR ERIKA. Individually and collectively. Congrats on having a kickass time at a kickass event and kicking ass in between. 😀

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    WE LOVE OUR ERIKA. Individually and collectively. Congrats on having a kickass time at a kickass event and kicking ass in between. 😀

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love reading you, a big change from most of the recycled content which is like fast food for the brain. Good to read you and to see you kicking some online ass.

  4. MegCarpen
    MegCarpen says:

    I love, love, love(!!!!) the new pics! I do wish that your Jason had had a chance to see them, but I’m glad that life is starting to give you a little sun after the last couple of weeks.
    P.S. Bummer about the pony, I was really looking forward to seeing pics of that. So where’s the pom pom hat???

  5. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    Congrats on the hat! LOL Love the pictures (the pig tails are classic) and your about page (I don’t have a photographic memory, so not sure of the EXACT changes, but remember that I liked it before too!) 🙂 xoxo

  6. toywithme
    toywithme says:

    Hats off to you sweet lady!! Congratulations! xoxox

    P.S. Your pic’s are fucking smoking hawt 😛
    (I’m sure Jason would have looooved them)

  7. Darien
    Darien says:

    Well deserved, but really not much of a surprise 😉

    If I’d have known you growing up, I might have never changed it.
    From a former “Erica”.

  8. Alysson
    Alysson says:

    Congratulations. Very proud of you. 🙂 So, where’s a picture of the hat??

    And the new pictures are awesome. Kudos to you and to the photographer with what appears to be more like a prop-filled playground than a dark, musty camera room. 🙂 Linoleum? Really?!?

    • Davinci43
      Davinci43 says:

      I should have said, notwithstanding the excellent article, great cans in both pics, and yes, the lord has been good to you.


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