Of Course, Of Course — Announcing…er…Courses?

erika napoletano coursesFor well over a year, you’ve asked me to teach you how I do what I do. While what I do is a combination of art, risky jumps, duct tape, and spit, there’s a method behind my madness.

Or at least, that’s what I tell my therapist.

Today, I’m announcing two courses, both of which are coming up faster than that oh-shit deadline for filing your taxes in October.

Also: HOLY SHIT, IT IS MAY 31. We’re heading into half the year having come and gone, which means getting ass-in-gear is of the utmost importance.

Losing Traction? Find Yourself — hosted by The Next Web

If you’re not familiar with The Next Web, they’re one of the most widely read online tech and business publications on the web. When they reached out to me to create and teach a course for their newly-launched The Next Web Academy, my answer was a rather yelly “fuck yes.” Hence, this is happening on June 19.

Do you wonder why your blog doesn’t have more readers? Are site visitors stagnant? Bounce rates entirely too bodacious? Odds are you’re not connecting with anyone because you’re in the midst of an identity crisis. Or maybe you know just who you are but you don’t know how to say it to make people give a frog’s fine ass hair.

Join Erika Napoletano—snarky branding strategist, columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express OPEN Forum, and author of The Power of Unpopular for a course that will get your brand UNstuck and back in touch with the people you need most to grow and succeed.

The course runs 1.5 hours. The cost is $99. If you’re cash-strapped and have been considering doing a Buy Me Coffee session, this is an excellent alternative if your questions-du-jour are branding or brand growth-related. And special thanks to The Next Web for allowing me to be me — which is no bullshit, uncensored, and completely unapologetic. It’ll be a hootenanny.

TNW register

The GSD Mastermind

I told you this was coming on February 4 when this new site launched. Today, it’s here. This is a three-month-long private mastermind group. It’s definitely not $99. If you’re already on the email list for information about the Mastermind, that invitation will land in your inbox around 8AM MT this morning. If you’re not on the list and want to know what it’s like to be one of only EIGHT people who will go through this Mastermind starting June 17, drop your email into the form below. You’ll get an email with the invitation, Mastermind details page, information about costs, and a link to the application.

This is a project that’s 100% about you and it’s admittedly a whole lot less expensive than it should be with all you’re getting. I can’t wait to see who’s going to fill the five remaining slots (as three are already reserved). Maybe it’ll be you. And maybe it’ll be because it’s May 31 and you realize that some shit needs getting done.

One last thing…

Did I really dare write a blog post that offered not one, but TWO courses for sale? Like, for cash money?

Yes, I did.

And I know that some of you will never (ever) have the desire to spend your cash on anything I have to offer — which is cooler than a polar bear’s ass.

But each day, I get to wake up and do what I love — help motivated people and their companies become the next better version of themselves. I get paid to do that. It’s fucked up, I know, to earn a living doing what you love. The key word here is earn. And maybe the business stuff doesn’t excite you. There’s always the world’s best pie chart poster, ready and waiting to hang on your walls.

There will always be no-cost resources, life experiences, and general hilarity here on the blog. Always. But there are now three ways  to get ME — personalized attention designed to get you from where you are to fuck yeah.

The Next Web Academy course (June 19)


Buy Me Coffee sessions (the web’s #1 destination for copyright infringement)


The GSD Mastermind

it ain’t cheap because I don’t create anything that’s cheap.


Seattle DogSpot
Seattle DogSpot

I'm in for The Next Web Academy course. Even paid my money. Looking forward to hearing your wisdom!


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