Another FREE Tool – And It’s NEKKID!

useful business tools phil gerbyshak ebookAfter last week’s open offer to help anyone who asked for help with their business, we’re fast at work on getting responses out. In advance, I’d like to thank Jason Womack, Dan Waldschmidt, and Stephen Denny for adding their insights to the post comments so far (and Dan’s been on bit of a tear! Kick ass, sea bass!). We’re not going to solve your problems for you though.

What the fuck?

You heard me. We’re NOT. Going to SOLVE. Your PROBLEMS. For you.

We will, however, offer you guidance, resources, tools, and insights so YOU can either solve your business challenge yourself or connect with people who can help you solve it. Pretty bitchy of us, eh? It’s the whole give a man a fish/teach a man to fish argument. We’re ALL about teaching YOU to fish. And while I never thought I’d have to lob this type of disclaimer over the fence, it appears as if I might:

We’re giving you our help for free, so don’t be a dick, mkay? We’re never going to give you the advice you want to hear. We’re going to be total frontstabbers and tell you what we feel you need to hear based on the information you’ve given us. How about ya say “thank you” — because this is a pretty nice lineup of folks you’re getting help from. Me? You know how I roll and there’s no hugging.

So, in the spirit of getting you where you need to go — how about a FREE eBook? Shit howdy, yes. But first, I wanted to tell you about my new down comforter. Sleeping under it is like cuddling-up with a blanket filled with duck and geese dreams and it is probably the reason I won’t have a successful romantic relationship over the winter (’cause I am quite reticent to share the fluffy motherfucker).

I also ate a breakfast taco this morning. Oh-so-simple, a small tortilla filled with eggs and extra thick and crispy bacon. It was as if a teeeny tiny pig crawled into each one and made himself all crunchy for my culinary pleasure. But I digress (twice).

A Free eBook!

D’ya know Phil Gerbyshak? You should. Or…maybe you shouldn’t. You probably shouldn’t know Phil if you’re interested in candy-coated bullshit. You should skip connecting with Phil if you have a hard-on for disingenuous people who will waste your time.

You should also skip connecting with him if you like to be surrounded by assholes. He’s going to throw the bell curve (and horribly).

But if you ARE interested in getting to know Phil, he has an easy way to make that happen. Yesterday, he just released his brand new eBook The Naked Truth on Social Media. It’s yours for asking, and it will cost you zilch except your email address.

To get your hands on a copy of this eBook, just click the hedgehog mocking you with his tongue below. That right there…that’s some truth. NEKKID! Just look at that tongue. Dirty, dirty little hedgehog.

mocking you hedgehog

So there ya go — yet ANOTHER no-cost resource for you to boost your business. Tomorrow, there’s a guest post coming as I’ll be at Ad:tech New York 2012.

Get out, go vote. We’ll see you tomorrow.


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