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another generic blog post lugeIt’s a catchy title and I could hum along to it…

A whirlwind week by every estimation, making it pretty hard to sit down and focus on writing any sort of bitch-slappy treat this morning. Looking down at my nails, I know I need a manicure and a pedicure is screaming for me like those creatures haunting Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs. My hair? Dear god. I look like a I live in a trailer park and the local Walgreens is chock out of Clairol. I have appointments to fix both. My coffee is up a flight of stairs and since my cats haven’t had the decency to sprout opposable thumbs, it’s clear I’m going to have to fetch it my damn self. The dogs are still sleeping. Their application for unemployment was denied by the State of Colorado. Granted, I never actually applied, but since Eating, Sleeping and Crapping isn’t really a white collar profession, it’d be worth a shot if only for the rejection letter.

Business? Fabulous. And I say that if you think there’s a recession, you need to update your job skills. I’m faced with transitioning from contractors to actual W2 employees. Nifty problem to have. I’ve re-fallen in love with my clients this week. One took home top honors at DEMO Conference this past week and others continually remind me that I’ve built this beast the right way. Redhead Writing is all legit and shit. (With the “and shit” being key.) It’s a great thing to be a part of a team that helps good companies become great. And it’s also a good feeling to have passed on some mediocre business that would have just been for the paycheck.

Travel? Monday, it’s off to San Francisco to for a discovery session with a new client and back on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday is nose to the grindstone as I throw shit in a suitcase for a 6am flight the following morning to Austin, Texas for my inaugural foray into the mayhem of SXSWi. I anticipate four days of not knowing which end is up fueled by cute shoes and a backpack. I have no expectations. I do, however, have a house sitter.

It’s been a week where I’ve missed the shit out of Jason and seem to find him in everything. It’s great to see his smile yet bullshit that no one will ever see it again, save in photographs or in our minds. There are periodic moments of extreme loneliness and others filled with random laughter in the line at the grocery store. I like the grocery store moments the best.

There will be a cool announcement from me quite soon and I promise you’ll have it as soon as the remaining details are ironed-out. It was fan-fucking-tastic news to start a week that saw two other projects hit walls. Patience, precious. I’ll share. Smegel like (and you will, too).

There’s one thing I’ve thought of a fair amount this week, however: maps are overrated.

I won’t deny that I love my little Droid X’s built-in nav system (because cardinal directions fuck this girl widestyle), but we don’t always have to know where we’re going. It’s a lesson I learn best from my clients. A great many of them are startups – VC-funded, lean and hungry. They wake up each day excited about what the day brings, measuring success by if they finish the day one step ahead of where they began it…or if they don’t, what they learned from moving backwards or sideways.

We should all be so lucky to see the work through the eyes of a startup. They don’t always know where they’re going, but the embrace the journey with wide eyes and white knuckles on the Oh Shit bar right about the passenger door.

And while planning is vital, expectations are brutal. Ain’t it a bitch to never get where you’re going because you never sit down and accept where you are and how you got there?

I’ve gotta get to my coffee, get in the shower and begin yet another whirlwind day that will leave me sleeping with absolutely no help at all come whatever hour this evening. The weekend is full (even some fun – with humans – shut the front door) and there’s a suitcase waiting for some clothing and shoe vomit to fill it up. Have an outstanding day and maybe you’ll take a moment to respect where you are and how you got there. It was a unique path, one that no one else has walk, flown or skipped towards. One of the days, I want to luge towards something. Heh.

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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    While in New Orleans, we used our nav system on our iPhones quite a bit. They always tell you the fastest way to get there. But I could make a bundle if I could figure out how to tell people the safest way to get somewhere, because some of the streets we were on…Holy Gunpoint!
    But yes, being self-employed is never safe and always full of adventure!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Another generic comment.

    Actually, though, I like what you’re doing as you encourage folks to take a step back and get it all sorted out. I had one of them there sessions last week with a friend who I thought I was going to help with some sweet-ass Marketing advice.

    Friend: why haven’t you been a breakthrough success?

    Me: uh….

    Friend: you deserve to be a breakthrough success.

    Me: Well, yes. Yes, I do.

    Friend: Let’s figure out how to make that happen.

    Crap, I may have screwed up 1000 times over with my last couple forays into “entrepreneurship” or “donating money to the bank” or “running a not-for-profit that wasn’t a not-for-profit.” But…well, I kinda like where I am now. Grass greener over there, but my yard isn’t half bad.

    Thanks for the generic blog post.

  3. Terri
    Terri says:

    Erika, IVAA’s VP will be representing us at SxSW to tell all the wonderful people about the fabulosity of Virtual Assistants. Stop by and introduce yourself to Doreen, if you have a minute. I think the two of you would get along fabulously!

    Have fun! Although I wish I could be at SxSW this year, my trip to Australia will be more interesting – maybe. 🙂


  4. AnaluciaNovak
    AnaluciaNovak says:

    Hi Erika, great post. Just so you know I live 5 min away from SFO and plan to be in the city Monday afternoon at the Ferry Building. If you have time and like coffee try Blue Bottle Coffee at The Ferry Building or off of Mission/Jessie/Mint.
    Have fun at swsx. I will try to come next year!

  5. Michael LaRocca
    Michael LaRocca says:

    Are your cute shoes and backpack pink? Actually, a great post. I’ve just moved to a new place, still in Hanoi, and my week’s been similar to yours. Except for the hair. Mine looks more like someone who didn’t make the cut as a member of Spinal Tap. Too gray. I do buy hair color at the local version of Walgreen’s, but it’s for my lovely bride.

  6. Bryce Alan Katz
    Bryce Alan Katz says:

    Ossum post, as usual, and just what I needed to hear today. Odd how I get a lot of that here at RedheadWriting…

    I do have one itsy, bitsy nitpick, though: creeper’s name is “Smeagol”. 😉


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