Are You Being a Naughty, Naughty Blogger?

naughty bloggerLaws are partly formed for the sake of good men, in order to instruct them how they may live on friendly terms with one another, and partly for the sake of those who refuse to be instructed, whose spirit cannot be subdued, or softened, or hindered from plunging into evil.” ~Plato

Damn that Plato and all his wisdom, but doesn’t his quote perfectly describe the underlying law of the blogosphere? Living on friendly terms with one another. We’re wordsmiths with the potential to maim and injure with a mere sentence. Sometimes aim is taken and other times none, our words thrust forward onto an unsuspecting audience.

Do we have any idea how naughty we’re being in the blogosphere?

On Monday of next week, I jet off to New York City for the week to speak at Blog World East. The topic? The legal implications of blogging.

Stop the snickering. Who better to give a presentation on how to give a legally correct Bitch Slap than the queen slapper herself? I’m joining forces with Janet Cullum, a leading intellectual property attorney with Cooley LLC (and thank you to Jason Mendelson for the introduction to Cooley!) and together, we’re presenting an hour chock-full of “tsk-tsks” that are going to make your head spin!

Let’s face it: we live in a world where most everything we want is a Google search away. Images, facts, opinions…and in the middle of all of those pics and words, there are people. Real people. Some of them jerks, and boy – would we like to teach ’em a thing or two. But how do we say what we want to say and find the images and words to back up our arguments without getting into legal hot water? It’s a minefield and most of us are wandering around unaware of just how much naughtiness we’re engaging in on a daily basis.

Between you, me and the tree, it’s possible I’m going to have a slow burn in hell for some of the things I’ve done on my blog in the early days. But if my readers know anything about me, I’m constantly preaching things like:

  • Permission
  • Proper attribution
  • Copyright
  • Rights for images
  • and other legal, boring shit like that.

I’ll pretty much guarantee that everyone reading this post today has something LEGALLY wrong with a post they’ve written (ahem – digs toe in sand). Our session is built to serve everyone from the personal brand to the corporate marketing go-to and designed to:

  • Help you avoid the slow burn from legal missteps (unless you just like margaritas because I’ll be making those fresh each day in my condo in hell)
  • Understand in NORMAL PEOPLE WERDS the key legal issues you need to understand if you’re going to run any sort of blog
  • Make ridiculous fun of people who have made some pretty heinous mistakes online (did I hear Cook’s Source from someone in the audience?)

So, Janet and I hope you’ll join us for a rollicking session of She Said, She Said at Blog World Expo East next week! We’re leaving 15 minutes at the end of the session for Q&A as well – ask a blogger, ask an attorney. God knows, if you’re looking for two kinds of people with thoughts and opinions on something, what better pair than a blogger and an attorney?

Some steps to get this on your calendar (whether you’re attending Blog World or not):

  • Register for Blog World. Yes, REGISTER!
  • If you can’t attend in person, you van always register for the Virtual ticket, giving you access to all of the recorded presentations (ours will be recorded!).
  • Our session is at 10:15 EST on Tuesday, May 24 – use a sharpie and ink that shit onto your calendar.
  • Use the Interactive Schedule Planner to get this session on your agenda for Tuesday.
  • You can follow the conversation on Twitter with the following hash tags: #BWENY #BWEEAST (both for the conference) and #naughtyblog (for our session)

See you, physically or virtually, in New York!

Michael LaRocca
Michael LaRocca

Afraid I can't make it back to the U.S. in time for this, but I'd be happy to drink margaritas in hell with you. 

Mark Aaron Murnahan
Mark Aaron Murnahan

This is a topic that I have addressed on behalf of both clients as a developer and rights holders as a service provider. I am on my eensy-weensie Android now, so I a not hunting it down, but I blogged about the panic a man approached me with when he received papers for a lawsuit that was to cost him multiple times more than he paid for his website. If you search for "image copyright enforcement" you can learn a lot. Bitchslap 'em good Erika. They may be very glad you did!

SL Clark
SL Clark

Just two little words on this:  Kathy Sierra Enjoy the show, -Steve


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