Are You the Sales Bully? (Plus win a book!)

sales bully irreverent sales girlIt’s the damndest thing about humans — we ask questions. Have preferences. We’re pretty freakin’ unpredictable when you sit down and think about it. And those qualities make selling all the more difficult.

We’re all selling something and a part of the never ending cycle of crafting the next way to let people know who we are, why we’re different, and why what we’re peddling is the answer to what ails them. Having never really done anything in my life other than sell things in some regard or another, I maintain that those who excel at sales never sell anything. They’re psychologists. While rarely credentialed, they have that one thing that those who struggle with sales don’t:

They get people.

So let me ask you this: When is the last time you wanted someone to argue with you? Prove you wrong. Fight your ever-so-logical (and even not-so-logical) thought process?

Likely the last Tuesday of NEVER.

Trying to overcome someone’s objections is a simple act of being the Sales Bully. You think you’re better, that your way is right, that the person or people sitting in front of you are wrong.

Today’s post is a guest blog from The Irreverent Sales Girl. Should you not be following her musings on her blog and on Twitter, she can crack wisdom with the best of you — and she’s here to share her insights on how you might be coming across as the Sales Bully and not even know it. Enjoy! OH! And there’s a bonus giveaway at the end of this post — you have to view the video, so if you’re getting this in your email, be sure to click through to view online. It’s the ideal bonus for anyone who’s looking to up their game in any area. And I personally own one. So there.

I Object to You Overcoming My Objections

Yesterday, I was in a sales presentation.


The person who set up the meeting was committed to buying what I was selling – never an unfavorable position to be in, right? She put together a set of the key decision-makers in the company. In my world, it was a done deal.

But, then – life happened. Actually, humans happened. The people on the phone started asking if we could do this and that and this and that…and we couldn’t. They were legitimate requests.


I told them, “This is how our clients use our product to accomplish what you want.”

They weren’t biting.

Finally (and I swear that I could see their collective sigh of resignation), they invited me to continue my presentation.

I stopped.


We were 15 minutes before the end of the presentation and I simply took the offer off the table – I was done. I said in clear language, ”You want to accomplish this – and we don’t do that. I don’t know who does that, but in a year from now, we probably will. So, let’s get off the phone and I will be in touch with Sally when we’re ready for what you need.” End of conversation, right?

An Audible (Palpable?) Sigh Of Relief

They were sooooo happy that I wasn’t going to continue. They loved that I gave them another 15 minutes of their life. They were relieved that they didn’t have to sit through the rest of my pitch! So, was I, by the way.

And, we hung up.


Less than half an hour later, they emailed me and said that they still wanted to buy. They had figured out how to make the deficiencies work. Could I please send the contract for signature? They even apologized for being difficult.


When was the last time you wanted someone to overcome your objections?

How about you get their objections instead and…back off.

People are big and know their business better than you do. They know their relationships better than you do. Listen. Believe. Honor. You might surprise yourself, and them! One thing I do know is that it’s a prime technique for blowing the doors off of sales and reaching your next level as a businessperson.

And now — the bonus! Watch the video and follow the instructions to win a copy of Jason Womack’s book, “Your Best Just Got Better.” It’s even SIGNED by Jason, so an added bonus. All comments must be in by 11:59pm on 10/23 and I’ll announce the winner on 10/24. Holler!

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  1. Robert Widdowson
    Robert Widdowson says:

    Everyone can improve their best effort. And Jason is the man who can knock it outta the park.
    On a sidenote, the blog about giving prospective clients a breather so they can overcome the objectives is a pearl of wisdom. Our natural inclination (or, at least, mine) is to try to solve another person’s problems. I’m a fixer. But lots of time (most of the time?), people want to hear your thoughts, advice, salespitch (whatever) and then make up their own mind! I know how irritated I am by salepeople who try to crawl inside my mind to ‘fix’ my objections. It makes my blood boil. So, why would someone else like it when I try doing the same creepy thing to them?
    Your insight was terrific.

  2. William
    William says:

    Kind of like “It’s getting bettah all the tiiiime…bettah bettah bettah!” so send the book already and make the the deal even better by sending me The Power of Unpopular.

  3. Lynn Cooper
    Lynn Cooper says:

    Jason’s book sounds like it would be an excellent addition to my library. I am always seeking the input of those who are out of the box thinkers and thus he sounds like my cup of tea.

    BTW thanks for the cute video..

  4. Daron
    Daron says:

    I’ve seem to have hit a plateau in my current role — debating something more challenging — this sounds like a nice launch pad. Also — should probably have something stronger then my current, steady diet of “The Oatmeal”. Cheers,

  5. Lorrie Nicoles
    Lorrie Nicoles says:

    After 2 years of the shotgun approach, I’m finally starting to really FOCUS my business. Alas, mental focus and physical focus are not the same. Learning new habits suck, but learning the wrong habits is worse. I like how Womack seems to understand all that and that there is a process not a magical solution.

  6. Mike Asbury
    Mike Asbury says:

    As a professional coach, I think Jason’s book would make a great addition to the materials I share with my clients. I’m excited to read it! Also… I loved this article from the Irreverent Sales Girl!

  7. Deb Lamb
    Deb Lamb says:

    I need the book so I can make my best get better! I’ve been in a slump lately and know if I had that book, it would kick my ass in gear and get me to being better! I want to be better. I strive to be better. I know you want me to be better, too. Help me to get better by giving me the book! Thanks so much!!

  8. LyndawithaY
    LyndawithaY says:

    This book would help me manage my time more efficiently, keep focused on both long and short term goals and soldier on in the face of obstacles. Plus, I love to read! Plus, this book sounds like a great practical and motivational tool for success.

  9. SnowKen
    SnowKen says:

    Always wanted my best to be better, especially if it happens without me noticing. I balance my reading between fiction and non-fiction, and I review what I read on Amazon and GoodReads, and repost on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Gimme da book!

  10. @rabihnajjar
    @rabihnajjar says:

    Overcoming objections is Bus 101 in the sales world. It evolved from a manipulation of facts to a value driven focus. I’ll take your product if it brings me value and I perceive a savings… I’m not a sales person, I’m not even a “good” speaker.
    I read these books to get a perspective, to hopefully nab a few new thoughts or ideas and integrate them into my arsenal to hopefully become better as a person and as a professional. I put on a different face for different situations. Give me a book and I’ll put it to good use.


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