Are Your Bored With Your Brand?

how to rebrandI’ve been there and it sucks. You look at this…thing…you created and it’s supposed to make you happy. I mean, it makes you money.

But it’s not making you happy.

You’re bored. The damn thing is just sitting there and about as exciting as watching a manatee swim.

So maybe it’s time to turn that brand of yours on its ass and make it exciting again. Somewhere, you lost your way — and there’s no shame in it. Happens to everybody to some degree and at some time.

In my latest column in Entrepreneur Magazine, I talk about what to do if you hate your brand. It’s the exact process I went through for rebranding myself from RedheadWriting to Erika Napoletano (before and after thoughts right here).

Have a click and check out What To Do If You Hate Your Brand — and thank the good folks at Entrepreneur for letting me turn your upside-down self back right-side-up once again.