An Awesome Fucking Holiday Sale
(and I get nothing from it)

Today’s post is short because I had a whole other post planned and that one’s going to wait until tomorrow.


Because one of my favorite artists is having a 20% off holiday sale and believe me — you want her shit.

Do you know Emily McDowell? Well, you do now. She’s a creator and purveyor of gifts and cards that say what you were thinking but never said out loud.

Emily is having a 50% off all tote bags and art prints sale. LIKE, JESUS GO SHOPPING. I mean, get something for Jesus, too, if he’s on your list.

Shop tote bags here.

Shop art prints here.

This sale is good Monday and Tuesday.

And I get nothing from this except the knowledge that you bought someone an un-shitty gift this year.

A colleague of mine gave me this grocery tote a few years ago and I carry it everywhere. The cashiers at Whole Foods love it because it says what they’re thinking all day. (Click image to shop)



And then there is this badass print so full of FUCK YEAH I don’t have enough walls to hang it on. (Click image to shop)



Oh, and this one, too. (Click image to shop)



And when you find all the art prints you want, you can put them in this fancy-ass bag that won’t tell you what to do (saty calm and shit, y’know?) and carry them to your new Lair of Badassery. (Click to shop)



And while they are not on sale (hey, not everything can be on sale), you should definitely check out Emily’s caffeine-worthy mugs.

Because this mug right here is $18 and pretty much sums up every blog post I’ve ever written. (Click to shop)



So, you’re welcome. Emily also has amazing greeting cards and a wide variety of other items. I just hope that today, I’ve brightened your life and added a smile and laugh to your holiday gift giving. Because if nothing else:

  • You’re supporting a badass woman who has built her brand saying exactly what she thinks.
  • You’re giving a gift that empowers someone you care about and lets them know that they were too good for a Target gift card.
  • You’re buying something from an artist who has special gifts for someone who has had a shitty year. Dafuk? YES. THIS.

And I get nothing from this. No affiliate commission, no nothing. Just the ability to share the work of a woman I admire with people I love who let me wake up every day and do what I do.


PS: follow Emily McDowell Studio on Facebook

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