The Bitch Slap: This is NOT How You Run a Blog

bitch slap this is not how you run a blog michael dunlop

Someone escaped from Romper Room

So this morning, I caught an @ mention on Twitter of my name and dug into the thread to see what was uppity-up. Apparently there was a blog post floating around in the ether about the Top 50 Most Influential Bloggers. I took it as a huge compliment that a few of my community felt I’d been left off the list. As a huge fan of lists and seeing what others find influential, I trekked over to the post in question and proceeded to flip through the 50 who made the list. Given that the site is targeted toward the online marketing (affiliate, MLM and Network Marketing realm), the list members were of no surprise. Leo Babuta, Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Chris Brogan, Darren Rouse, Katie Frieling…some true heavy hitters in the online space. But the descriptions of each blogger were lacking. The blogger, Michael Dunlop kept citing blog subscribers and Twitter followers as “influence.”

I called it crap. So I left a comment – and here it is in its entirety:

Interesting comment, Michael. It seems you’ve compiled a list of bloggers who are most recognized in online marketing, affiliate and MLM/Network Marketing circles. Great industry, no doubt, but just a few thoughts for you.

When you make a list of bloggers, it’s not just about content. It’s about community. Do they drive comments? Do people share their content? What makes them compelling? Do people ACT based on their content? You can’t argue with the inherent power behind names like Katie Freiling (I’ve been a long-time subscriber) and Leo Babuta (ditto) – that’s just silly. But their realm of influence is specific to a certain niche, and that doesn’t make them influential on a grand scale.

Perhaps you’d want to clarify in future lists, instead of just listing 50 people, WHERE these people are influential and why. Twitter followers and blog subscribers don’t make you influential – they make you popular. It’s your community – the statements they make and the actions they take as a result of the content you put out there – that makes a blogger influential.

But then again, what do I know? I’m just one of those bloggers with a “nice” blog (who happens to stir the pot with guest posts over at Copyblogger on occasion). And I don’t think it’s at all about male or female – but I think that while you’ve compiled a who’s who of online money-making, affiliate and MLM/Network marketing bloggers they might find as valuable adds to certain RSS feeds, you might want to rethink the “Most Influential” title and give your readers a bit more meat to chew.

And then I got an email saying it was approved. And then it was deleted.

So I left a ANOTHER comment asking if he was deleting comments. And I also sent an email to him directly, asking him if he was deleting comments (as he’d already deleted Marian Schembari’s earlier – she’d DMd me the details).

The following is Mr. Dunlop’s complete email reply:

If you and your friend were to spend your time working on your blog instead of focusing on other peoples sites you would be featured on lists like this.
Unfortunately not ay..

Kind Regards,
Michael Dunlop—————————————————————Founder Of A Bunch Of Cool Sites: – Make Money Blogging – Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online

On 12 Oct 2010, at 16:31, Erika Napoletano wrote:

You’re kidding me, right?
Shame you feel that way.
Erika Napoletano
Head RedheadRedheadWriting (da blog)
Follow RedheadWriting on Twitter (da tweets)
Be a fan of RedheadWriting on Facebook (in da face)

On Oct 12, 2010, at 9:26 AM, Michael Dunlop wrote:

Hello Erika,
Must be an error with the comments system, however I haven’t accepted either of your two comments.
I have taken on board your comment, however haven’t accepted it because it’s not required. I have had a conversation with who I’m sure is one of your friends and don’t really want to go over it again.
No offense, but you have come to blog in an aggressive manner, looking for what I presume a fight? I have better things to do with my time, I listen to all comments and think I can learn from anyone but don’t really think your comment was constructive.

Kind Regards,
Michael Dunlop—————————————————————Founder Of A Bunch Of Cool Sites: – Make Money Blogging – Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online

Michael, you’re getting Bitch Slapped.

If you feel my comment wasn’t constructive, you have a lot to learn at your tender age of what I can only presume to be twelve, about operating in the online community. I never took a hostile or adversarial tone with you, yet what I’m thinking is that in your infinite maturity, you’ve confused people who disagree with you as “not productive.” (Whoops – I’m being adversarial NOW, aren’t I?)

It’s time to stop breast feeding and start learning, kiddo.

Having a blog is about building a community, not catering to a herd of sycophants who hang onto your every word. It’s awesome that you’re a baby-faced online money making machine, but what you’ve done here is piss in my ocean by acting downright disrespectful. My ocean – that’s writing and creating online content. You’re not interested in blogging. You’re not even interested in community (as you so blatantly display in your highly valuable Twitter stream where you’re only following 210 of some 14,000 people with no @ replies in sight). So if you’re going to build some ass-kissing list that happens to include people that I admire and in select instances am delighted to have earned the right to call friends, don’t piss on their names with your poor manners.

People like Chris Brogan and Brain Clark understood what it takes to build a community to drive their respective businesses. You, young one, can learn a thing or two from the people you’ve included on the list. Deleting comments and starting a nanny-nanny boo-boo email chain isn’t going to get you the fame and fortune you desire. It’s going to get you published on my blog because you decided to act like an asshat. And it’s also going to be seen by MY entire community.

Because that’s what I’ve built – a community.

Now, I will say this: if you decide to grace my blog with your side of the story, I won’t delete your comment. My community understands MY comment policy and it is thus:

  • All profiles must be validated through the Disqus comment system
  • Spam will be deleted
  • No selling

Other than that, part of the reason my community keeps coming back and leaving hundreds of comments on posts like this (oh, and this one…and this one over here…WAIT – this one, too) is because they understand that I WANT to hear what they have to say. Agree, disagree – everyone is welcome here. And while I think it’s precious that you “listen to all comment and think you can learn from anyone,” the manner in which YOU handled this situation was not constructive.

Hence, you’re getting Bitch Slapped and I’ve got a notion to call Romper Room and let them know that a little one from the cast escaped from under the fence.

Now, I’ll let my community have their way with you and the manner in which you’ve chosen to run your “blog,” or shall I dare say, online portal designed to do one thing and one thing only: present a limited view of praise-only sentiments toward ass-kissing lists to get you notice by people in your sphere who actually practice good blogging protocol.

I wonder what the people on the list will think when they see how you’re handling things where their name is displayed…hmmm.

If you’re going to run a blog, have some blogging ethics. You can’t conduct business behind the scenes and expect it won’t surface, kiddo. When the sting subsides, I hope you’ll bestow upon us your mind-boggling reasoning for your actions above.

You’ve been slapped.

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  1. igster101
    igster101 says:

    The first thing I noticed was it was geared towards MLM/Networkers etc. So, deleting comments doesn’t surprise me. People of that ilk often delete things they feel cast a negative light over what they are doing.

  2. Marian Schembari
    Marian Schembari says:

    I wish I could add something better to this, but you’ve hit the nail on the head. I originally posted on Michael’s blog about his lack of women in the list. Now, I don’t think women should be added just because their women, but I mentioned people like you, Naomi Dunford, Laura Roeder, who all ROCK at what they do. His response?

    Here’s his email to me:

    “Just because you want more women on the list, doesn’t give you the right to come commenting on my blog in an aggresive uneducated way. I do my research, so does my team and although lists are never 100% perfect, we do our best. I’m sure there were women I could of included however I believe there would of been at least twice the amount of guys I could of added as well.

    More guys in the industry so it’s more likely the list would be made up of them. It’s that simple….”

    When I asked for more info on why he deleted my comment he said:

    “I don’t want to fill my comments with a discussion that influences people in the world way. Your argument is wrong, you shouldn’t be saying why is there less women, you should be thinking how can I be on a list like this.”


    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Well, that sounds like the same person who authored the email chain above. Sorry, Marian. But here’s the upside – you’re part of MY community. You can post whateverthefuck you want here 😉

    • Genevieve Joy
      Genevieve Joy says:

      Someone has control issues. It’s obvious he overreacts to anyone with personality and an opinion. Also, while I can deal with typos, if he’s going to call someone uneducated he should probably not misspell “aggressive” and write “could of” and “would of” instead of “could have” and “would have”. Sigh.

    • Ashlersca
      Ashlersca says:

      WOW. …WOW…. Ok, can I say WOW again? What a D-bag. Funny thing about idiots is that they have no idea how out of line they are- note lack of any trace of self-awareness. WOW.

    • Andrew J. Gay
      Andrew J. Gay says:

      Wow, this guy really is stupid isn’t he…. Ok Red, call it off, everyone go home, he can’t possibly be held accountable for his stupidity, let alone participate in this battle or whits. He is unarmed, what’s worse, he is disabled. I now feel sorry for Mikey…. NOT!

      Screw it, lynch him!

    • Adrienne A
      Adrienne A says:

      Also, what right does he (Michael Dunlop) have calling himself a writer?! A couple of examples:
      “I could OF included…”
      “believe there would OF been…”
      AND “why IS there less women…”


      Ummmm, it’s could HAVE and would HAVE. Also, why ARE there less… Seriously?!

    • GlennFriesen
      GlennFriesen says:

      Ew. It saddens me to think how many lame asses are out there, ruining trust and embarrassing our species.

      I still can’t figure out what he means by “fill my comments with a discussion that influences people in the world way.” If anybody has insight into his meaning, please let me know. By “a world way” does he mean, an equitable way?

      And why does he think he can control any discussion — even in his comments? All we can do is influence conversations…. there has been no “control” for a decade, especially online.

      Here’s an argument, for argument’s sake… Women bloggers aren’t the only ones left out of this list… Where are the handicapped bloggers? Tim Moore perhaps. Where are the foregin language bloggers?

      Obviously, this list was a sycophantic echo chamber (which also included some agreed-on top bloggers). Why not just own up to his bias, instead of rationalize the BS that “more males in the industry = women bloggers don’t get recommendations”?

  3. Grant Griffiths
    Grant Griffiths says:

    Erika – Thank you for writing what I have been wanting to for some time about young Mr. Dunlop. Brillant my dear. Just brillant!!!

    Maybe when he moves out of his mommy’s basement and actually has to fend for himself, he might change his ways.

  4. Genuine Chris Johnson
    Genuine Chris Johnson says:

    I think that syncophants are in “gaggles,” red. I have no idea how to run a popular blog. No clue. I know how to meet paying clients on the internet, and get them to fork over dollars. No clue how to create fame, and I don’t know that I’ll ever care.

    There’s something of a coterie of folks that we have to be nice to, lest we get squished. That bugs me. I think “big name” bloggers have at times churned out muddled and mediocre work. Nobody says it because everyone has to play nice. Because everyone wants a guest post, or to move up the ladder.

    Criticism isn’t welcome, not really. Try disagreeing with someone’s methods on Twitter. You get the resounding, “Well…if YOU don’t like what *I* am saying…then you can always UNFOLLOW me.” (As if we need to have the mechanics of twitter pointed out.)

    or “When you get 20,000 subscribers you can tell ME how to behave.”

    No thought is ever given to “hey is this asshole right or wrong?”

    So many great thoughts are slaughtered on the altar of congeniality. It takes skill to fight ideas and communicate respect. When did we start thinking that we had to be perfect? That every idea had to be defensible? I’ll spew a lot of stuff this year. If I’m right 60% of the time, I’m happy.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Oh hell. I have NO idea how to be perfect. All I know how to do is be ME. And that gets morphed each and every day. And like you, I know how to do certain things, but one of my greatest lessons has come from learning to not piss on your potential (or actual) community.

      This kiddo needed a smackin’ – because if someone had smacked me when I started blogging four years ago, I would have understood community a helluva lot sooner!

  5. jason schippers
    jason schippers says:

    I remember when I was going through puberty and wanted everyone to like me. But then I started getting hair in the funny places, my balls dropped and I realized that some people just need to fuck off. Oh to be young again.

  6. Amy
    Amy says:

    So… Why post about this guy? He’s a dum dum, sure, but all you’re giving him is attention and possibly more traffic. Wouldn’t it be better to roll your eyes and go on your merry way?

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Amy – totally get it. TOTALLY. But there’s one reason and one reason only little dum dum made the limelight: because his poor manners and blogging practices influence the names included on that list. He can’t think he can conduct himself in such a manner and not be taken to task.

      That is all, and always a delight to have you take time out of your day to stop by 🙂

  7. Jeremy Meyers
    Jeremy Meyers says:

    Yet another maroon conflating reach with influence.

    Let’s not spend too much time on this. Anyone can make a list. Just look at the Duke girl’s powerpoint. And at least she had qualitative analysis.

  8. Angela Collins
    Angela Collins says:

    Dude, you rock!! I love how you can tell it like it is in the manner in which you do, all while bitch slapping the hell out of someone! If only I had half the skill you have….as it is, I have to sit on my hands to keep myself from REALLY bitch slapping people! Would much rather put my hands to use typing it out!

    Thanks for all your awesome posts and keep it up!!

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Angela – welcome to the blog and for taking time to read today’s slappity-slap. And the only thing I can hope for any Bitch Slap is that someone recognizes something that they were doing and makes a positive change. The slappings will continue…oh yes, they will 🙂

  9. Bret Juliano
    Bret Juliano says:

    “Perhaps you’d want to clarify in future lists, instead of just listing 50 people, WHERE these people are influential and why.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. If you’re going to compile a list like that and hope that people actually read, engage and respond to it, you need to help them understand why they should take the effort to do so.

    “Twitter followers and blog subscribers don’t make you influential – they make you popular. It’s your community – the statements they make and the actions they take as a result of the content you put out there – that makes a blogger influential.” Twitter followers and blog subscribers make you popular, like high school Homecoming Queen. Popular for a season, then you graduate and it doesn’t matter anymore.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Ah yes…this goes back to my “You’re Not the Prom Queen – You’re a Brand” post a bit earlier.

      Influence. Making people act. That’s what any business owner should look towards building. As Genuine Chris said, he know how to make people buy. That’s action. It ain’t about fame and fortune. It’s about trust, and Mr. Dunlop has forever lost mine.

  10. toywithme
    toywithme says:

    Tipping my hat to you for pointing out the over looked ‘obvious’ to “Mr.” Dunlop. Blogging is about community, sharing and learning. Deleting comments such as Erika’s is absurd! Constructive criticism, is just that, take it for what it is worth. Even negative comments can help to expand the topic at hand.

  11. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    unfollowing Michael Dunlop now

    (ssshhh don’t tell him I’m not on the Twitter, if he thinks he’s losing followers, we may get to see a temper tantrum)

  12. Amy
    Amy says:

    You know he could also be a genius. Think of all the villains that have made a name for themselves, albeit a bad name, but a shit load of money. Spencer and Amarosa (from Apprentice, not sure if I spelled it right) have made a ton of money getting people to hate them with absolutely no talent. Now he’s gotten you to put his name out there more then he’s ever known. I would be curious if he has responded that way to a male negative poster. He could just be a woman hater.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Meh – I’m not going to play the woman-hater card. He can’t afford to play it, either, in a world where women are some of the top income earners in Network and Affiliate Marketing. But he does have a lot to learn about decorum.

  13. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    you have been the best at building a community and getting folks to take action! i just really love you erika! you ARE da bomb!

  14. Mike Masin
    Mike Masin says:

    I started writing a rant and changed my mind; I don’t have time for the digital sludge that blankets some of the net.

    I follow blogs that encourage discussion and ideas and participation (including one by a particular redhead that says it like she sees it). It doesn’t matter if I agree with the blogger; I just expect an honest dialog.

    “Michael” who?

  15. Adventuroo
    Adventuroo says:

    Sounds like someone needs to grow the F up (and no, not you). I’m really, REALLY tired of people like this but unfortunately I see it ALL the time. And what really sucks is people who don’t know of the Chris Brogans and Darren Rowses of the world flock to these asshats because they seem to have all the answers and the quick fix to have ZILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS or MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!!!!!

    Community and influence trump number of followers any day of the week. Hopefully he and others will learn a little something today.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      As I said in the post – one of the key matters I took issue with is that his bad behavior reflects on those people he mentions in his post. Some, I’m fortunate to have earned relationships with, and I dislike seeing them in such company.

      But I will say – there are days I need to grow the F up, too 😉

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      As I said in the post – one of the key matters I took issue with is that his bad behavior reflects on those people he mentions in his post. Some, I’m fortunate to have earned relationships with, and I dislike seeing them in such company.

      But I will say – there are days I need to grow the F up, too 😉

  16. Tim Biden
    Tim Biden says:

    Many people take an arrogant view of “influence” and he certainly is one of them. By having so many followers but not following even 1/4 of them back, he probably thinks it makes him look important.

    What an over-stuffed bag of douche! He needs to dismount from his high horse and realize that real leadership and influence require a sense of community and not just a bunch of lemmings that hang on your every word. Interaction is required for real respect, at least if you want respect from people with any intelligence.

    I would like to know how many of the people on his list would consider putting him on their lists.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Ah, yes – lists are a dime a dozen, aren’t they? What really rang a bell with me is your statement: “I would like to know how many of the people on his list would consider putting him on their lists.”

      I’m betting…few to none. Especially after they see how he’s conducted himself.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tim!

  17. Mike July
    Mike July says:

    I’d never heard of this dude.

    I think the only thing that would have made that any more comical is if he had listed himself among the 50.

    He would also do well not to post pictures of himself. Jesus. But good for him. He managed to crack the code of making money in the ‘how to make money teaching other people how to make money online’ niche.

    I wouldn’t have handled it the way he did, but I understand why he doesn’t want ANY criticism – constructive or otherwise. He doesn’t need to engage in any perceived negativity – he already has the audience he needs. What’s the point in trying to win one person over at this stage?

  18. Killian
    Killian says:

    Hmm. Well as a special ed teacher, a lot of what I did was to translate “regular” curriculum and material into the basic of what was really being said. Let’s see if I can translate this.

    “Hello Erika,
    Must be an error with the comments system, however I haven’t accepted either of your two comments.”

    Hi Erika. As a professional blogger, I should be able to construct a mechanically correct English sentence. Since I can’t, I’ll just hope you don’t notice. I’m not letting you play any of my reindeer games because you’re a girl and you smell funny and you don’t tell me how awesome I am.

    “I have taken on board your comment, however haven’t accepted it because it’s not required. ”

    I don’t wanna, so I don’t hafta, SO THERE!

    “I have had a conversation with who I’m sure is one of your friends and don’t really want to go over it again.”

    I’m going to pretend to be in cahoots with someone you know but not tell you who it is or what was said. That way, you get curious and mad, and beg me to tell you. Then I get to laugh and lord it over you that I’ll never ever ever tell!

    “No offense, but you have come to blog in an aggressive manner, looking for what I presume a fight?”

    I think you’re a bitch, but I won’t say so out loud because if I do, you’ll tell everybody. So I’ll say “No offense” because it makes everything all better. I can say anything I want to anyone, so long as I preface with “No offense.” Even an unintelligible, rambling insult sounds friendly!

    ” I have better things to do with my time, I listen to all comments and think I can learn from anyone but don’t really think your comment was constructive.”

    Look how talented I am at drafting run-on sentences! If you had said how awesome I am, maybe I would let you into my blog, but ha-ha! I can delete you anytime and you can’t do anything about it!

    “Kind Regards,”

    Fuck off.

    “Michael Dunlop—————————————————————Founder Of A Bunch Of Cool Sites: – Make Money Blogging – Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online”

    Michael Dunlop, Spamalicious Expert of All Things Blogging And You Suck

  19. Leah @bookieboo
    Leah @bookieboo says:

    I have accepted some pretty awful comments on my blog and have deleted others. My thinking is I don’t allow others to attack each other in my space because I have a “supportive” community. When people come just to attack, they are censored. Yes, censored because I can because it’s my community. But I’m upfront with it.

    Then there are other times I’ll let comments go because they are from people who have a valid opinion. Sometimes I respond and other times I don’t. It depends on the situation.

    I think he has the right to delete and censor you because his blog is his property, BUT it shows how confident he is about his decisions if he lets them fly. He was not confident. And I understand and agree with your point about community.

    I’ve done a similar list in the “fitness” realm and it was very difficult. So what I ended up doing was asking people to nominate others. I didn’t want the list to be just a bunch of friends of mine. So I took half of the nominations and half of my own and created that list. Seemed more fair because people were telling me who they thought were influential instead of me telling them.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      But Leah, here’s where you differ from Dunlop – you’re HONEST about it. I know your community and it’s an incredibly supportive one. And personally, I think the way you’ve built it works for both YOU and your audience. So kudos, m’dear 🙂

  20. Liz Scherer
    Liz Scherer says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t like lists. And I don’t really see what purpose they serve other than to stroke the egos of those who are included and provoke the ones who aren’t. So Brogan and Clarke made another list. Big fucking yawn. And better yet, they’re “influential.” Tell ya what….go outside this community into another and there may be some people who don’t even know (or care) who they are. Because they probably have their own list.

    I guess my point here is that lists are/have become a dime a dozen and so are the bloggers (or anyone else for that matter) who focus on them.

    One question: if you had made his list, would you have questioned his integrity or how he put it together? Just curious.

    Hugs for challenging him though. He comes across as a real douchebag and clearly your instincts are correct based on the comments you’ve received thus far.

    • Alysson
      Alysson says:

      Knowing Erika as I do, I can say with certainty that she would have made the same arguments about the differences between popularity and influence, as well as the main argument that censoring comments does a disservice to the community all bloggers are supposedly trying to build, had she been included on this list.

      To say something like, “I have taken on board your comment…” without giving readers an opportunity to do the same smacks of douchebaggary and expresses a fear of dissenting opinions. Substantive exchange of ideas can only occur when different opinions can be shared openly. Otherwise you’ll simply build a network of yes men who incessantly kiss your ass, telling you how awesome you are.

      That’s not the kind of community any serious blogger looks to build. And certainly not the kind of community Erika would want her blog to have.

      • Liz Scherer
        Liz Scherer says:

        Thanks Alysson but I have known Erika in many circles as well as have had her featured on my blog. I think it’s a legitimate question which my friend and respected colleague has not yet answered.

        • The Redhead
          The Redhead says:

          Sorry! It’s 4:45pm and I’ve been in meetings since about noon today. I’m back and here’s the answer (as I’m responding to comments top to bottom – here we go!):

          If I hand ended up on this kid’s blog, my response would have been: What’s wrong with my messaging that I’m showing up on a network/affiliate market blog’s radar? I have no animosity towards that sector (and one organization is even a client – and an AWESOME one, might I add), but they are not my target demographic. Hence, no tears shed on not making his list. But had I, there would be some serious shit hitting the fan during a phone call to my publicist since I obviously needed to get my messaging straightened-out. And ASAP.

          Alysson – thanks for having my back. One of the things I love is that even people with whom I’m well-acquainted (like Liz) can stop by and drop off some contrary opinions and play the devil’s advocate. Readers like yourselves are one of the reasons I love what I do. So thanks – both of you.

          • Liz Scherer
            Liz Scherer says:

            Great answer and thank you! What I love about this blog (and you) is the simpatico/meeting of the minds, i.e. the ability to be ourselves and speak our minds when something doesn’t resonate or feel quite right. xo.

          • Alysson
            Alysson says:

            Ditto, Liz. It’s the exchange of contradictory ideas – ideas that challenge our personal status quo and accepted reality – that really makes a blog more than just a collection of random rants and emo outbursts.

            Reading blog comments typically makes me wonder if there are any intelligent people spending time on the Internet. Redhead Writing is one of only handful of blogs where genuine and substantive discussions are encouraged. That’s what keeps me coming back. And, more importantly, what persuades me to take the time to comment…even when my perspective differs from Erika’s or from other readers.

        • Aly
          Aly says:

          No disrespect intended, Liz. I knew Erika would chime in with her own response when she had the chance. Just wanted readers in the interim to know that members of Erika’s community could easily and confidently answer your devil’s advocate question. 🙂

  21. Natasha Leigh
    Natasha Leigh says:

    I had a run in with someone like that a few months ago, but the difference was that she was a blog designer and I had no idea what I’d done wrong. I was one of her followers on Twitter for almost a year and I would ask her questions. Then, she blocked me and after almost two weeks and three emails asking her what I’d done, she finally responded back to me and told me that she felt “uncomfortable” about the questions I was asking and the fact that I answered all of her tweets when she asked questions. She needed to feel “safe” since she was moving to a new location {which is 90 minutes away from where I’ve been living my whole life, mind you}. Then, she told me she was only on Twitter for business purposes and she only communicated with people she “knew,” and I should just get over it because “it’s only Twitter.”

    I got a little pissed off about that because it came of as her telling me that I had to give her money to be her “friend” or whatever. Then, she published a snarky comment about me after I told my followers {my “community} not to follow her because she only talks to her clients. Her and her sister started making immature cracks about how everyone should follow her and making me feel like dirt. She even wrote it in her blog. I retaliated, but ended up feeling really bad about it.

    I’d gotten over it and everything, but now she wants people to follow her business and personal blog, as well as her twitter and her FB page so she can be on some kind of reality TV show. She deserves to be bitch slapped because of the sheer fact that she had an interested fan that just asked too many questions and she treated that person like crap and then acted all wounded when I actually had the guts to call her on her sarcastic BS she spewed on Twitter on how “awesome” she was.

    I would post some of the emails she sent me and give her a bitch slap if I hadn’t deleted them, but she sounds just like this Michael Dunlop. He deserved that bitch slap, Erika, and so does this girl with her reality show.

  22. Robert Pregulman
    Robert Pregulman says:

    Master Dunlop, as Bobcat Goldthwait said in “Scrooged” – “You don’t know who you’re dealing with”.

  23. unmarketing
    unmarketing says:

    Wait wait wait…. this guy DOESN’T want comments that are a different view than his own?? And on a link bait whore style top 50 list type post? This guy needs to go back to blogging 101. That’s halg the frakin reason you make a list like this, so people can get their manties in a bunch in the comments… Jesus, people are stupid.

    Great post Red

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Why hello there, Scott. Please to see ya ’round these parts.

      Michael – as a note, Scott Stratten’s got a kickass new book that’s out. It’s called Unmarketing (and it ain’t self-published). He also keeps a pretty ship-shape community. Perhaps you might want to learn a thing or two from his ideas on contrary opinions…just sayin!

    • Marjorie Steele
      Marjorie Steele says:

      Link bait whore style – it’s so true! Just once, I want to read a post written by an SEO who is also a great writer – who understands how to create content that is simultaneously original, well written AND well optimized. If anyone on this thread knows of such a post/author (aside from the talented @heatherlloyd), please share.

      Also, blogger bios seem to be keenly focused on moneymaking/financial worth (hence the sausagefest?). Sure, making money is important (we’ve all got to eat), and people who make millions are influential for good reason. But does the simple fact that you make lots of money online make you more influential than people who make less money but provide a very valuable service/original voice? Call me old fashioned, but HOW you make money matters more than how much money you make, imho.

  24. Alysson
    Alysson says:

    Deleting comments from those with dissenting opinions is tantamount to having conversations only with people who agree with your point of view. We never evolve as human beings if we expose ourselves only to the ideas we already subscribe to or interact with those whose beliefs we share.

    Fear of new ideas and other points of view speaks to something more fundamentally problematic for bloggers – that one isn’t as certain or confident in their own beliefs as he/she would like us to believe. Constructive, albeit contrary, opinions are seen as a threat and thus must be eliminated. If his readers were to have been exposed to your comment, there’s a chance some of them would have believed it to have merit. For Michael, that’s a risk he’s unwilling to take.

    And while I’m normally not one to engage in ad hominem arguments, I think it is important to point this out since Michael elected to accuse Marian of having commented on his blog “in an aggressive uneducated way.” So, take note: “could of” = painfully incorrect; “could have” = correct.

  25. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    I didn’t click on the link to read the original post of the pre-pubescent DB because, well, I didn’t want to give him another stat for him to brag about later! 🙂

    I love your Bitch Slaps! If I ever write anything on my blog you want to school me about – know it is WELCOME! LOL – I love that shit. xo

  26. Andrew J. Gay
    Andrew J. Gay says:

    AHHHHHH!!! Again some idiot makes one of the biggest faux pas in community building, the un-conversation.

    He just wants to be on a pulpit gaining some love for his link bait whore post. Yet he doesn’t want to be taken to task on his lame attempt at a well known and highly useful tactic.

    This is honestly one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, and I am sooooo overjoyed that one of these comment haters made your “bitch slap” Erika. What he doesn’t understand is all of the good, cool stuff that could have happened had he let yours and who knows how many others constructive, conversational comments see the light of day. (don’t bother correcting my grammar…, I know lol)

    If you aren’t willing to publish real comments, don’t have a comment system. There is a little check box on each and every post page in the admin section that will allow you to turn it off completely Mike. I suggest you check it.

    The only sad part is that his blog hits will most certainly jump today because of this, of course there is hope that his site will get slammed hard enough to go down for a few hours…. wishful thinking!

    You should start one of those Darwin Awards lists on here somewhere Red for online marketing wrecks like this.

  27. Kristi_francisco
    Kristi_francisco says:

    What do you expect? The kid created a website to show people how to retire at 21 years of age, but then said that the site “earned me good money, but nothing impressive.” So he had to start more sites.

    Um, you’re 21 now (or maybe a little older) and not retired. Obviously the rest of your theories are flawed as well.

    There’s also typos on his twitter updates and well, that just annoys the hell out of me…

    Bitchslap him more, please!

  28. Cortney Jacobs
    Cortney Jacobs says:

    This sort of thing simply baffles me. And the more I live, the more people like this I run into. At what point in human history did we lose a clear understanding of adulthood and proper management of confrontation? Depending upon the day and my mood, I am either so filled with rage and venom toward this type of behavior, or so sure of the hopelessness of our future as a functioning society that I alternately wail and gnash teeth respectively. Blech! Blerg! Blch! (those are my personal favorite typed-gagging onomotopoeia.) While I typically choose to ignore these sorts of things, reasoning that by even addressing them, by even dignifying them with a response I am sending my energy in the wrong direction, I really respect your head-on no-nonsense attitude and approach to this sort of bullshit. (Also the radio-Dj retard incident.) So I just want to direct some positive energy your way in the form of appreciation and e-plause.

  29. Cherry Woodburn
    Cherry Woodburn says:

    I think Dunlop is wrong, (especially after reading what he also wrote to Marian Schembari) and agree he earned his Bitch Slap, which, as usual, you did well.
    What I don’t agree with, is the Romper Room and you must be 12 yrs. remarks. You’re clever and quick, which can make those remarks funny but they also feel unnecessary and mean. Why stoop to his level?

  30. Dave Doolin
    Dave Doolin says:

    His initial mistake was positioning himself as an arbiter of taste. These folks on his list are people who have influenced him, not everyone else, universally.

    I’m sure I’ll be slapped for this (I’ve been slapped before. Yawn): my *personal* list of *personally* influential bloggers would have 2 women on it, E____ and K____. E____ because she can actually program web applications, K____ because she has a mind like a steel trap, and mercilessly effs with her readers, who (except for me), know it not.

    But that’s me.

    Why should anyone care who influences me, anyway? Don’t they have better things to do?

  31. Lacey Bean
    Lacey Bean says:

    Found this post through twitter – and wow. Just wow. Your comments, and post, were right on the money.

    Also – “If you and your friend were to spend your time working on your blog instead of focusing on other peoples sites you would be featured on lists like this.” Lists like this? Who makes his list the end all be all list of great – sorry – influential bloggers?? No one decided he was king of the bloggers… except maybe himself.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Well, I’m glad you clicked through today and glad to have you. Hope to see you back again, even when slaps aren’t being administered!

      And yeah, I wake up each morning hoping to be on a list. Wheeeeee…

  32. sjs
    sjs says:

    I mostly didn’t like the list because it was yet another list filled with mostly white dudes who blog about blogging. And while all these white dudes are super good at what they do, it’s so…nichey. I mean, like hyper-nichey, and you’re right…not necessarily engaged in a true community with their readers. Sorry, but those dudes don’t have a whole lot of influence outside of the immediate blogosphere, whereas someone like Doe Deere of Lime Crime Make-up is incredibly influential with tens of thousands of girls and women of all shapes and sizes between the ages of 15 and 35.

    Also, he didn’t put me on the list, and clearly, he’s not seeing how many people I influence to search for dirty p*rn.

  33. Craig Tuller
    Craig Tuller says:

    LMAO! Now that was a FULL-ON bitch slap and so eloquently written.

    Am really disappointed to see Mr Dunlap has not responded yet, but hey, what did I expect. He really can’t justify his tactics, nor do I believe he has the cajones.

    Believe it or not, I just added him to my G-reader’s ‘Blogs to Watch’ list this morning. Guess I won’t have to spend any time deciding if he was a keeper … can you say {unsubscribe}!

  34. JoeRayCr8iv
    JoeRayCr8iv says:

    Damn! When approaching individuals like this, one has to be cautious; no sudden hand movements, etc. Then calmly let them know that not everyone gets a trophy.

    Of course we could all be reading him wrong and he’s really an attorney. Not much difference in the reactionary response area.

  35. Kimbirly
    Kimbirly says:

    WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing poseurs called out. Way to go Erika!

    You consistently have excellent posts. Personally, I enjoy reading your tweets and links.

  36. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    i really just want to clothesline this kid, he is terrible. first of all, i refuse to take anyone seriously that has an “e-book” on blogging and gets into the whole “buy my e-book to learn more” crap. it’s a total joke. secondly, the advertisements that randomly pop up as you’re reading the selectively chosen positive comments are a pain in the ass and prove he is just a spammer. all of the “chosen ones” are just like him, and the comments are of people whacking him off to try and get a few extra page views. this kid has an attitude problem and clearly thinks his defensiveness is what has brought him “success.” he’ll learn a lesson as real bloggers call him out for being an immature piece of crap that does nothing more than litter the internet with more carbon copy of the same garbage we’ve all been reading for the past 10 years. nobody wants to buy your shit, man. get over yourself.

  37. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Whaddaya know… My comment was deleted, too. I totally expected that, though.

    Anyone who questions the authority of a 21-year-old living in an apartment, setting up more sites to make it work, probably isn’t interested in my advice.

    It seems like a lot of people lead by example with star-fucking, “RT this plz” sorts of posts. Thing is, they only work when they’re well crafted. This one was, as you said, a list of people who influenced HIM. Of course, for may online marketers, the blog is merely a reflection of the blogger and products are sold in the shadow of said blogger. Quality doesn’t matter as much as likability. (of course, that’s no bueno when it comes to return customers)

    What they don’t tell you in those $197 courses is that time takes time. They also don’t tell you that it’s not a good idea to write people the way he did you, no matter who they are. I think that’s an implied lesson, but likely because anyone who sells a $197 course (like, actually gets $197 from each person who pays for it) knows you don’t win friends by attacking them in such a juvenile fashion.

    I’m sorry your well-considered comment was rejected like that. Once I get into the habit of actually writing for my blog (instead of always writing for other people) on a regular basis, I sincerely hope you’ll blast my ass in the comments if you find room to improve…

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Yours was deleted as well? What a shame. Clearly, he’s learned nothing, but then again, I didn’t expect much.

      Anything worth having in this world takes time. Successes. Failures. Relationships. Love. Pets. They all take time. If you think you can get the answers in $197, I think you’re wrong, and I’m entitled to think that. Do I think there are some great eBooks out there? Yes. INCREDIBLE ones. But will I be buying them from Michael Dunlop? Most unlikely. If I do, you can consider my Paypal account hacked.

      We could all do with more friends. And Michael Dunlop didn’t earn any today.

    • Chris Moody
      Chris Moody says:

      I was lurking through the comments getting a good LOL and noticed a fellow Ignite Raleigh presenter.

      How’s life?

      I’m thinking about making a list of the top 50 comments in this thread, but may exclude you and delete your thoughts.

  38. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    Successful affiliate, MLM and network marketers all have one thing in common – an appreciation for relationships. They understand the value and that they cannot be replaced. As I told Renewabelle, I think there are a lot of GREAT eBooks out there, but this kid’s is unlikely one of them. He’s young, he’s learning and someone told him his internet thing is easy. Well, it ain’t. And I hope to never have a day where I don’t learn something that makes my efforts better and in return, I hope to give my readers the same.

    Yup. That’s all I gots!

  39. Allan Ward
    Allan Ward says:

    Great posts – some interesting points of view.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that in any community there will be differing points of view. But that’s what makes it exciting and interesting. If you publish a list that’s based on your views, you need to accept that others may disagree. As long as it’s done in a nice manner, it’s a good thing.

    I haven’t looked at his list, but I take little notice of those sorts of lists because they’re too subjective. I like to find blogs that other bloggers recommend and if I like them, I’ll add them to my RSS feed. There’s plenty of great bloggers who will never appear on those lists.


      • Allan Ward
        Allan Ward says:

        One approach is to say ‘It’s my blog and I’ll only publish what I want published’. That seems to be Michael’s approach at the moment.

        The other approach is ‘This is my opinion, I understand there may be others, let me know what you think’. Rather than being threatened by different opinions, you may just learn something.

        I think the latter way is the best way to go. I want to build a community of people who think, and and offer different opinions rather than just sitting back and writing ‘Hey dude, nice post’.

        • The Redhead
          The Redhead says:

          Completely. I always appreciate ANYONE who takes the time to stop by and read, which is why I do my best to maintain a 1-to-1 comments policy. But I enjoy discourse, smart conversation and witty quips alike.

  40. InfoJunkiesAnon
    InfoJunkiesAnon says:

    Why does all the good stuff happen when I’m asleep?

    I followed a tweet to the reply he left Marian, and then another to this post from Lisa Morosky. I don’t have any insight to offer, and anyway Killian’s reply sums it up so well, you don’t need my thoughts.

    It is a shame though. I’d like to say I can’t believe it – but sadly I can.

  41. Ann Olson
    Ann Olson says:

    “I listen to all comments and think I can learn from anyone but don’t really think your comment was constructive.” <– Makes you wonder what he considers a constructive comment. Yeesh!

  42. Lissa Duty
    Lissa Duty says:

    As always, Erika, another great “Bitch Slap” and the reason you have this great community. Keep on keeping on! We need your type of honesty is this world of Know-It-Alls, Show-Offs and just plain idiots name dropping for self-promotion purposes. Don’t get me wrong, name dropping isn’t all bad, but depends how and why you are doing it!

    Have a great day!


  43. Big Girl Branding
    Big Girl Branding says:

    Hey Red… great post. lol I love your blazing guns, as always. 🙂 I’ve got 29,000 Twitter followers, does that make me influential? Huh? Huh?!

    Really, I agree that RSS and Twitter numbers are a bit of a crock, and folks need to measure influential more by quality of engagement. While they’re nice to look at and bandy about, they really don’t give an accurate measure of the quality of a community.

    I used to be caught up in building my twitter numbers, growing my RSS numbers, etc because I thought that would make me look “bigger” than I really am. But as I’ve matured as a blogger, I realize I much prefer using other metrics to see where my blog “ranks”.

    How many newsletter subscribers? People that allow you into their inbox are usually more invested in you than folks who simply want to stay updated via RSS.

    How many people take the time to comment? And more than simply comment spam tyvm.

    How many people do you actually conversate with on Twitter and FB and the like? Out of my thousands of followers, I’d estimate that less than 25% probably interact with me on twitter, either in the form of @replies and conversation or the form of RTing my content. And THOSE are the things I appreciate from my followers… actual conversations where I connect, learn a little something, and garner a smile or laugh or two before I start working.

    And then there’s alexa ranking. You know I’ve been on some amazing blogs, with an alexa ranking of x,xxx,xxx something, which would lead you to believe that blog isn’t popular… but visit the comments area on some of the posts and they’ve got a kick ass community of people listening to what they have to say, responding with their own insights and feedback, and in general having a blast sharing ideas and opinions!

    And then there’s blogs with an Alexa ranking of XXX and practically no engagement from readers or sense of community.

    As to list posts, I don’t have a problem with them or with writing them.. but I feel like they’ve got to offer some value or insight to the reader. Generally my list posts will be something like the one I interviewed you for, or I might highlight a handful of my readers or twitter followers.

    When I do, I always give the reason I think they are special or awesome, and why I want to share them with the rest of my readers.

    And to wrap up this long winded comment, lol I consider myself relatively new to blogging, and I’m still growing and evolving as I learn more and more about what I LIKE in a blog, and what I DON”T like.

    So it’s posts like this that I enjoy and that help me realize more and more the type of blogger I don’t want to be. Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment. 😀

  44. Cathy Presland
    Cathy Presland says:

    Hey Erika, I thought your original comment-that-wasn’t-posted just about summed up what I thought of his list.

    I went over to his blog yesterday after seeing Marian tweet about it and could see after only a short way down his list what his list was all about. OK, fine, and some great bloggers whom I also follow (and some I don’t want to). That’s all a matter of personal taste. But maybe he should have made it a bit clearer what he meant by ‘influence’.

    I think his error of judgement though is in not taking the bad comments with the good – since he’s in it for the publicity he seems to be missing out on most of it??

    Glad you raised this 😉


  45. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    Hi Cathy and welcome! Marian’s been sending me tons of new readers so I’ll likely have to buy her a leprechaun soon. Delighted to have you. And your perception of his error in judgement is precisely mine. That, and I took issue with the nanner-nanner email responses. Bleh. Just bad business.

    Welcome and look forward to seeing you ’round these parts soon 🙂

  46. davinabrewer
    davinabrewer says:

    Erika, Someone needs to rethink or actually think about a comment policy. Comments can be the gold of blogging; comments are supposed to be about engagement and conversation and community… those buzzwords that hit all the social media g-spots.

    I’ve liked a number of comments here, they all add to the discussion or make me just laugh. Your deleted comment is what I would want on one of my blog posts; healthy debate that can spark new and interesting conversations, all that crap. That’s why I read your blog, but had never heard of and wont’ bother with his. FWIW.

  47. Debbie Roos
    Debbie Roos says:

    Wow, I had never heard of you before today, when I stumbled across your blog from Twitter. What an awesome response! Very articulate and quite amusing. Thanks and I’ll be checking in on you from now on!

  48. Ryan Mason
    Ryan Mason says:

    Just found your blog, Ms. Redhead, for the first time this morning courtesy of my Tweetdeck search field for #bwe10 because someone asked if you’d be there and I wanted to know just who you were.

    Lo and behold, I found this current Bitch Slap and I’m sold. Love your thoughts so far and completely agree with you about social media and community. Plus: I’m all about just being fucking blunt.

  49. cindysmith
    cindysmith says:

    I’m thinking that the next list from Michael Dunlop——————Founder Of A Bunch Of Cool Sites: (geez, what an arrogant twit!) will be “Degenerate Blogs” to be published April 20 next year in honor of Hitler’s birthday.

    Redhead and anyone else with a spine unwilling to give Michael the virtual blow job he feels he’s entitled to will surely make the list. Keep it up Erika!

  50. Bhaskar Sarma
    Bhaskar Sarma says:

    Okay, so I haven’t managed to read down to the end of the comments because I have a Blog Action Day post to work on but here are my 7 cents (I feel like giving more than the usual 2. So sue me)Anyway what raised a red flag for me and outed the slapped as a wannabe was when he called James Chartrand “he” despite the “research”. I mean, James has told her story ages ago on Copyblogger and that post still has one of the highest number of comments/views. It was picked up by hundreds of blogs and even some news outlets and to miss something crucial like this about one of people you are writing about smacks of sloppiness at best and sheer amateurism at worst. Michael should thank Erika for increasing his pageviews. Maybe I should ask Redhead to bitchslap me (not too hard, though :)).Or not. I better stick to creating great and useful content. That way I will be look less of a fame whore and that slap won’t come back to bite me in the ass when I am pitching my book 5 years down the line.:D

  51. Scott P Dailey
    Scott P Dailey says:

    Erika, I really enjoy your voice. It’s akin to my own, so it makes sense that I’d dig your contentious approach. Sarcasm is a second language to me too. For me, you’ve managed to find (I’m sure through tons of toil) the right balance of snark and constructiveness. Regarding this post however, there was something troubling me about your delivery on Michael’s blog that I couldn’t put my finger on. Something was rubbing me the wrong way and I just sat there rereading this post time and again, your words, Michael’s words, and still what bugged me alluded me. Well I ended up just moving on – no comment, not opinion to add. Well, as the democratic Web would have it, serendipity prevailed and I happen upon an article via @thewriteblogger found here that revealed to me what troubled me about your comment’s packaging (on Michael’s blog). While you are well-known for delivering the proverbial smack down on the blogosphere’s indictable, what troubled me about the wrapper your comment came in was that it didn’t appear to consider Micheal’s rules for commenting on his blog. I don’t want to speculate on what his rules are because I’m not him and he hasn’t been remotely clear on why he censored you to begin with. And yes, he does not appear to possess the fundamentals that a tactical debater would either. But your blog clearly welcomes debate, while possibly others’, may find it counter to their blog’s conversational objectives. I think we sometimes mistakenly assume that the blog comment platform is a forum to discuss, but also criticize/correct/debate. And I love conversation that comprise all the above. But again, it just might not be what Micheal has in mind for blog comments and that’s ok. In my opinion his crime was committed in being casual and trivializing in his approach to rejecting and explaining the rejection of argumentative comments. Rejecting them could very well have simply been in-line with his blog’s commenting climate. I thought your feedback rocked in this case too and in general, each time I read you, I find that I agree largely with you, your thoughts and your packaging. That said however, it doesn’t necessarily follow that your packaging is going to be permissible everywhere, yes? Maybe Michael, who clearly needs to learn to better discuss his feelings as grown-ups do, is just not crafty with the wordsmithing and has subsequently, put his foot in his mouth. surely he could use a lesson in how to influence people himself. Not your problem, not mine and not your loyal community’s either. Agreed. So I’m not saying at all to give him a pass. I’m actually probably spending way too much time saying that maybe you could have asked him if his blog’s comments area is the right forum to engage him in your brand of constructive jousting? Thoughts?

  52. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    Conversation here is always welcome, Scott.

    One return softball over the fence: if you’re going to have comments enabled, why DON’T you want a conversation? If you only want praise, a Facebook LIKE button would suffice, wouldn’t it? Comments are for conversation.

    If the comments are OPEN, I’m assuming I can leave one. Bottom line. The comment I choose to leave is my prerogative. And if you’re a brand worth your salt, you’ll have an ethical comments policy. Which means accepting conversation and differing opinions.

    If you’re going to be a one-way street, just turn comments off. Otherwise, you just look like an attention whore IM-not-so-humble-opinion.

    My packaging and brand are mine and mine alone. But if Mikey boy is going to publish a list that someone brings to my attention (or anyone’s for that matter), he needs to understand that not everyone’s going to agree with his tactics. I’m not going to change my style for a 20-something who feels that differing opinions are akin to the apocalypse.

    Does that help?

    • Scott P Dailey
      Scott P Dailey says:

      Mikey boy. HAHAHAHA! The little opportunistic (low-hanging fruit) jabs throughout make me giggle each time. I’m actually laughing the more I imagine you speaking, “Mikey Boy.” OK. OK. Enough of that. Thank you for the ‘soft toss.’ Agreed on all counts. I’ve argued with Michael’s sort too and know he’s not being thorough in much of any of it. We both know that and I suppose, it’s these situations that cause me to feel more disappointed than anything else. I want him to get a soft toss from you too I guess. I think this is me trying to reason with the grown-up (the redhead) in the room and yes, I suppose I was asking you to give him another try. I think he could benefit from your ideas on this matter and I fear that a smart young earner like him is missing an opportunity here. I have always been one to think that when I stumble across someone who, for instance, doesn’t know what gets done with a trash can full of trash (take it out, Michael), I feel compelled to become the teacher. Michael, I think, means well and his intent is, again I suspect, what I’m reacting to. He’s a kid – cocky, but a well-intended kid. His approach to fending you off is not surprising at all really. But still he’s a bright padawan. You’re a smart cookie and anyone worth their salt can see that. Michael has missed a chance to evolve his writing and research styles and I guess the p*ssy in me is hoping you’d consider repackaging it so that he gets the benefit of your knowledge, rather than feeling threatened by the wrapper. Still his loss, yes. Ah, screw it. I’m a big sissy who wishes Michael were a little bit smarter I suppose. Thank you for the terrific reply. ~ Scott

      • The Redhead
        The Redhead says:

        Appreciate your thoughts, Scott. Sorry for not replying sooner – Disqus is on the slow side getting things to me today. But no matter how I repackage, Mikey boy is obviously not receptive to opinions other than his own. He’ll realize soon enough why that’s not an advantageous strategy!

  53. theantijared
    theantijared says:

    Is this the place where I could get free ponies like I saw up top?

    Actually, I have not heard of those bloggers. I liked you rebuttal though!

  54. Kris M O'Connor
    Kris M O'Connor says:

    First of all, my special friend is a ferret. So please be kind.
    Secondly, I thank my twitter training to “get” what he was trying to say while simultaneously editing his crappy writing.
    Finally, post some pics of your kickass boots, eh?

  55. Kate J
    Kate J says:

    First time commenter and new to the world of blog addiction, but I just HAD to comment on this. Firstly, legendary bitch slapping. As a Brit, I am a massive fan of profanity and we have a word that is absolutely spot on for this, ahem, ‘man’. The word is ‘wanker’. I believe its a more graphic version of the word ‘jerk’.

    It must be hideous to be in his head (well, except for that fact that it would appear to be extremely spacious), because he genuinely believes himself to be lucid and, worse, right.

    Madness, but bravo bravo for the slapping of a lifetime.

  56. Grace Boyle
    Grace Boyle says:

    And this is why you’re undoubtedly, one of my favorite writers, bloggers and builder of community. You do it right. I completely agree with what you said and to be honest, there wasn’t hostility to your comment but rather honesty and constructive feedback. I say, take the ego of out of it, Michael.

    Mamma mia.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Hey there, Grace – thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you’re liking what I’ve built here. If you ever get to a point where you don’t, slap ME, mkay? Blank check. 🙂

  57. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    HAH! And you are soooo right. Given that Mikey boy is over on your side of the pond, tell him I said hello should the opportunity arise. But it probably won’t. I don’t see you hanging ’round with the likes of wankers. Thanks for stopping by, Kate.

      • Anonymous
        Anonymous says:

        I am new here, and I am loving this place, I have found a new home… But to answer this question, I can only think that at the time he posted this comment he was going down the slide on the playground and said, “..people in the world. WEEEEE!!!!” That is one of the guys that gives people trying to earn a living from home a bad name. You can tell his only object with his blogs is making money.
        I am fairly new to internet marketing, and have been trying at it for about a year. And thanks to some of the ones he mentioned in his ‘suck up list’ I haven’t giving up after getting ripped off by somemany people like I can only assume have the same objective as Micheal Dunlop. Who happened to already be on one of the list I started about six monthes ago that’s titled, Marketers to Stay Away From. Because as many good ones out here to learn from, we have that many more who are only looking customers. And could care less about helping US succeed.
        Loving TheRedhead!!! Calling it like she sees it!
        Thanks, Duncan Bracey

  58. Dino Dogan
    Dino Dogan says:

    Hey red head…awesome blog design..I actually contacted Judith to see if we can work together.

    Regarding the list.

    I stumbled across it via Kikolani’s website (one of my posts made her list 🙂 but I was more interested in the 50 best bloggers.

    I wasnt so much concerned with the “validity” of the list because these lists tend to be subjective. What I did do instead is I went and downloaded everyone’s free e-books (not including your Gary Vs, Chris Brogans, Brian Clarks, Darren Rowseses.. I already know those guys very well).

    I downloaded 15+ e-book sfrom folks I didnt know and have now finished reading every single one of those books.

    wow…what a water boarding session.

    As an avid reader and a writer of nonfiction I measure my own writing on a AJ Jacobs, Nassim Taleb, Malcolm Gladwell scale (not to say that I always measure up but I keep trying:) and reading these e-books was a torture.

    Not that I didnt learn anything. I did. I noted about 10 pages of generously spaced text.

    You are right about IM, MLM,MMO slant. All these guys are playing the same tune. With only 2 exceptions all the books were 90% crap.

    The exceptions? and Robb Sutton’s book. What I liked about those two is that they respected the reader’s time. Value per page was very high.

    In any case, I dig your blog and I dig your style, and as the President of California use to say “I’ll be back”. lol come you dont have an e-book of your own to give away? lmao

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Ebook…ebook. Well, I’m more interested in writing the real ones. But here’s what I do have to say – there are some great ebooks out there. Check out Rick Bakas’ (and not because I helped edit it). For social media in small doses, his is worth the money and it’s fully actionable.

      And I hate ebooks that waste your time. I’m sorry yours was wasted. 🙁 Thanks for stopping by!

      • Dino Dogan
        Dino Dogan says:

        Ima check that one out 🙂 Regarding wasted time…it wasnt wasted at all…I’ve learned a lot from the experience and will write a post about it I otherwise wouldn’t. I approached it as a research experiment of sorts.

        Got your DM…thnx for the heads up 🙂

        Love that you answer all comments.

  59. Workshopshed
    Workshopshed says:

    Ok, so I’m probably not Michael Dunlop’s target audience but I do read a lot of blogs and write a couple. I’ve never hear of Michael before and only recognise one name on his 50 list, Seth Godin who I know because he writes books.

    I do sensor my comments a little but I don’t normally get controversial comments on my blogs.

  60. Leisa
    Leisa says:

    Oh boy. That’s one satisfying bitch-slap. Sorry you had to endure that, but glad you shared. While I like to think I would never do any of that, nonetheless, I have been schooled. Thanks.

  61. jasondyk
    jasondyk says:

    This is beautiful, I am actually excited to read about someone getting bitch slapped. I don’t care whether you converse with people online or in person, we all NEED community in all aspects of our life. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that…thanks for sharing!

  62. Livia Blackburne
    Livia Blackburne says:

    This is my first time at your blog. I ran across your entry through twitter, so I apologize that my first comment isn’t more positive. I certainly hate it myself when new people come by and disagree on something. I certainly agree with you that it’s no way to run a blog, but was what he did really so bad that it was necessary to post a private communication for public ridicule? Granted, from the high number of retreats and shares, this approach is certainly working for you, but in my humble opinion, there’s enough negativity on the internet already that we don’t need to form more mobs, and to publicly post something that was originally intended to be private, and probably sent without much thought. Just my two cents. But I’m a smalltime blogger, so maybe I’m missing something.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Livia – First, welcome to the site. Secondly, I acknowledge that not everyone is going to like my style, tactics or approach. Hell, I’m looking for a community built on dialogue, not a bunch of sycophants 🙂 Your opinions are always welcome here, which frankly, is more than they would be over at Mr. Dunlop’s blog.

      And by the way – there’s no such thing as a “small time blogger.” Your words hold as much value as anyone else’s, including mine. It’s the beauty of the internet. And honestly, why I called Mr. Dunlop out for crap behavior 🙂 Hope you’ll return, but understand why you might not.

  63. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m going on 3 hours sleep and I honestly have no clue how I even came across this post this morning. I’ve never been here before (living in a cave maybe?) but I freaking love it!

    You called a spade a spade. Funny how brave people are behind the scenes and behind their keyboards. Sad. Thanks for bringing attention to this and OMG he seriously does look like he’s 12! Are there any rules about bitch slapping a prepubescent? 🙂

    P.S. I followed on Twitter and subscribed to free ponies. Can’t wait!

  64. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Wow, thank you twittersphere for leading me here this morning (how could I see a title like “bitch slap” and turn away?):) Love all the discourse. Does Mikey like it? I doubt it, but he’ll have to eat it anyway!! Rock on Red!

  65. Charles Bivona
    Charles Bivona says:

    “When you make a list of bloggers, it’s not just about content. It’s about community.” Great advice squandered. How frustrating. P.S. I love your snarky voice. I was almost cheering you on at points.

  66. annie
    annie says:


    I’m new to these here parts & people & discussions & the like, but,
    I know I good bitchslap when I see one. And this. This? THIS was CLEARLY
    In fact, this bitchslap was SO vicioushawt, I’m SURE it could be heard all the way back to the big-bang.

    Note to self: Right here. Right now. I swear. If ever I should be so fortunate to be in the position to build community & facilitate discussion in the future, I will NEVER.
    commit any similiarsuch egregious Michaelism. Shiaaaat.



  67. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    LMAO! That was great. I have mad respect for a person that call’s it like they see it, the best part is that you have the guts to say it to their face.  Your comment was what people fear the most “someone that doesn’t agree with them”. Isn’t that what blogs are all about?

    Not everyone is going to agree with, but including your comment would have created an awesome debate for his readers etc. There are a ton of talented bloggers out there with some awesome shit to say! Great post girl!

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Glad you enjoyed, Sonia. The most important thing I’ve learned as a blogger is that your audience is the #1 most important thing. Some folks just don’t get that, I guess…

  68. Danita Clark Able
    Danita Clark Able says:


    I found your blog by way of @jkrule:disqus  on Twitter…and I’m so thankful I did! Your open bluntness is a breath of fresh air.

    Mr. Dunlops’ attitude and inability to construct a proper sentence remind me of my ex-husband…and both boys remind me of the squealing Geico pig.

    Take care,
    Danita Clark Able


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