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content marketing resourcesLast week, my cat was sick. Since cats (still) can’t speak English, I found myself at the vet’s office, clutching a very loud and most discontented feline. $400 later, we determined that he had a UTI and was constipated.

I looked my vet square in the eye and said, “As an entrepreneur, I understand the value of making shit happen. Now, I know what it costs.”

What’s it worth to you to make shit happen?

There are 10 people going through my inaugural GSD Mastermind right now. They know what it’s worth to them.

Today, let’s chat about what it’s worth to you.

Soon (July 30), I’ll be teaching a course for The Next Web Academy called Content Marketing: Beyond the BlogIn it, we’ll chat about all of the bullshit that surrounds the content marketing space. Myths will explode (imagine a Mentos-and-Diet Coke-like event). Next, I’m going to bust you out of your blog and show you how to build a content marketing strategy that works for your business, your goals, and your revenue needs.

No shit.

It’s 1.5 hours of need-to-know, bullshit-free advice. It’s $49. Which makes my hourly rate for teaching this course effectively $32 per hour. Considering my Buy Me Coffee session is $329 for an hour, it might seem like I’m on the losing end of this.

But I’m not. I’ll talk about that in the workshop, too.

In the meantime, however, I’m linking you over to three powerful resources for getting shit done in the world of content marketing. Some of these are affiliate links. Why? Because I use this shit. Where you ultimately spend your time and money is up to you, but if I use shit that works and you hear about it from me, there’s nothing wrong with a dash of dollars on account of you finding something that worked through me.  Who knows — people might hear about shit that works through you and you ultimately make your blog work for you.

Oh…is that content marketing? Could be.

My Copyblogger

Copyblogger recently launched a registration-based community, pulling their most useful information behind a curtain. All you have to do to get access to it? Share your email address and pick a password. There is a paid level of access as well — Authority — which will run you about a buck a day. You can see the benefits of both the free and paid communities here. I’ve been at online marketing and content marketing since 2008 — as it was emerging. I listen to their webinars every Friday and never emerge without learning something.

Disclaimer: This blog is powered by Synthesis hosting by Copyblogger, I use Scribe SEO in nearly all my client’s accounts. I use Premise for my landing pages (so damn simple) and all clients building membership-based communities. I might even be in the process of building my own. Maybe. Stop being nosey. 


Corbett Barr from ThinkTraffic has also built-out a membership community for those interested in building a better online presence. Fizzle runs about a buck a day, which like Copyblogger’s Authority, is a veritable steal. There’s a promo going right now to try it out for a month for only a buck (dolla dolla). If the landing page doesn’t demonstrate why it’s a powerful community and can help you meet your online marketing goals, you probably aren’t interested in content marketing.

Start a Blog that Matters

If you’re considering launching a blog or just need to whip the one your have into a shape other than an amorphous blob, Start a Blog that Matters is a fantastic place to start. It’s the course I wish I’d built, but since Corbett Barr at ThinkTraffic already built it, fuck it. I’m sending you to his because reinventing the wheel is stupid sauce. From figuring out who you are, my anyone should read your stuff, and what you’re going to talk about to the mechanics of launching (or re-launching) a blog with a bang, this 12-week course is $97, which means you’re learning — with real action items and shit to do — how to build a blog with a solid foundation for $8/week. You’re welcome.

MarketingProfs University

I teach for MarketingProfs University on occasion and have a deep love for Ann Handley, the company’s founder and CEO. I love her. I don’t love her. But if I did, I’d have a smart, hot girlfriend. I digress. MPU creates in-depth courses on online marketing and business-building subjects. It’s a great place to go if you want the deep dive in a fully interactive course format. All of their content is pay-for-access, but if you’re a MarketingProfs Pro member, you get a discount. I love the Pro membership as well. Have a look and you’ll see why. Also, Ann has no idea I’m writing this today so no, it’s not a shameless plug for a company that pays me a few dollars a year. They create epic shit that teaches you shit you need to know. Period.

That’s it. Bullshit-free content marketing. And while it might cost you, it sure as hell isn’t going to cost you as much as giving my cat an enema. You’re probably also going to learn some shit along the way.

Seeya Monday with a guest post from Jay Baer (wooooooooo!).

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  1. Tinu
    Tinu says:

    LOL I love Ann Handley too, so I feel you on that – it’s always great when someone who provided you with great resources turns out to be a wonderful person too. 
    These all sound reasonable. Do they still make people who think everything should be free? I say bootstrap your way into being able to afford the help you know you need. I did it the other way back in the 90s and man did it suck.


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