Can Being Funny Really Boost Your Bottom Line? Ask a Comedian.

katie goodman American Express OPEN

Photo Credit: Katie Goodman

Sometimes my writing career affords me some cool opportunities — like interviewing Katie Goodman about the business side of being funny.

See, there’s a strategy that comes along with being funny. It combines permission, environment, and edges.

Are YOU actively pursuing all three? If not, why?

In my most recent column on American Express OPEN Forum, I sat down with Katie Goodman — a rising political satirist that will be gracing the stages of the Edinbugh Fringe Festival this year (once of the most coveted gigs for comedians of any stature).

Have a look and ask yourself — where the hell is my sense of humor and do I need to go find it?

The answer is probably yes.

Click here to read Funny Business: Can Humor Boost Your Bottom Line? on American Express OPEN Forum.


In our company at Raster Media, we have always intentionally made humor part of our culture. We try and figure out the customer's sense of humor as quickly as possible because once you can make prospects laugh, the barriers to the sale are that much thinner. Laughter brings joy and joy's always a good emotion to tie to your brand.


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