Jealousy is an Asshole

Hard Truth: You Are the Slayer of the Bitter Beast of Jealousy

You are the slayer, my friend. Kill this nasty ass dragon once and for all.
meant to be lost

Hard Truths, Day 30: When Interest is Meant to be Lost

Sometimes we lose interest. And sometimes, it's meant to be lost. Post 30 of 30 in my 41 Years in 30 Days series.
not interesting

Hard Truths, Day 29: Are You Being Interesting?

If you're trying to be interesting, you're not. You're You're not.

Hard Truths, Day 28: Sometimes Shit Doesn't Work

What do you do when shit doesn't work? Not everything works -- because not everything is supposed to work.
confused and afraid

Hard Truths, Day 27: It's Okay to be Scared

Fear is a fuckload more useful on the outside than it is on the inside.
realease your inner child

Hard Truths, Day 26: Don't Forget the Kid

Your inner kid wants to come out to play. Let him. Rumor has it, he's a pretty fun one.