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When Things and People Steal Your Time

Have you ever wondered why you're completely exhausted -- even though you feel like you got NOTHING done today? Me, too.
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On Being Complicit

Sometimes friends fail you yet their actions inspire you. Three verses on complicity.
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The Part Where I Do It All Again Next Year

Ever feel like you're supposed to wake up all different on your birthday? Why that never happens -- but how you can change the year ahead.
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I Turn 45 Tomorrow So Why Not Laugh About It?

If I'm turning 44 tomorrow, I might as well laugh about it. Which is why you want to watch these 8 commercials I shot back in August.
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Not Enough Coffee in the World + THAT EMAIL

Sometimes there is just not enough coffee in the world to un-f*** your morning.
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That List Of Things You Wish You Didn't Suck At

Ever feel like you're guilty of Suckage in the First Degree and sentenced to Damn, Just Stop Already? Shocker. Me too.