living the good life

Choosing Between Who You Love and What You Love

A rare interview of me on Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project.
a heart broken

A Heart Broken in Two Places

The fault lines in my heart, caused by conversations in the arts -- as art knows no color or gender or age.
normal illinois

Hard Truth 221: Normal is a Place in Illinois, Not a Goal

The tireless pursuit of normal and on no longer being the 'fuck" girl.
Merry Christmas - shitter's full

Hard Truth 220: Merry Christmas -- Shitter's Full

This actually happened, too. Merry Christmas.

Hard Truth 219: Because a Part of Me Will Always Believe I'm a Piece of Shit

It's true -- part of me will. But I'm not as big a piece of shit as I used to be.
amazing hugs

Hard Truth 218: The Best Hug I Got in 2015

It really was an amazing hug -- and completely unexpected.