unfuck your business

4 (or 15) Ways to Unfuck Your Business

There's something fucked in your business. Let's get to unfucking it. Stat.
people can be a dick

Hard Truths: A Little Bit of a Dick

Why you always want to hire someone who's a little bit of a dick.

Hard Truths, Day 28: Sometimes Shit Doesn't Work

What do you do when shit doesn't work? Not everything works -- because not everything is supposed to work.
being perfect

Hard Truths, Day 11: My Only Job

I have only one job every day and it has nothing to do with making myself look good. Oh, and something about uncooperative unicorns.
sharpest knife

Hard Truths, Day 8: I'm Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer

A thing about trying to be a knife when you're really a manatee and those desperate moments in business when you think you can't afford to say "no."
compassion hats

Hard Truths, Day 3: Why Didn't I Learn this Sooner?

I had another post written for today. I deleted it because this one was more important. 41 years in 30 days -- day 3. Why didn't I learn this sooner?