meet Clark Kent

Hard Truth 210: Meet Clark Kent

Meet Clark Kent...for real.
the part where I pee cry

Hard Truth 208: This Fucking Guy

The part where I pee-cried.
dog turd is a dog turd

Hard Truth 204: The Thing I Wish I'd Learned About Men

You can put a dog turd in a Tiffany's box, but honey -- a turd's a turd.
very private public birthday

A Very Public Happy Birthday to a Very Private Man

Wishing Clark Kent a happy 47th birthday, from the gal who digs your brand of weird.
love list

Hard Truths, Day 2: A List on Love, with Love

Over nearly 42 years, I've learned a shit ton about love. Hopefully, I'm not done learning.
How TINDER's software glitch

How Tinder's Software Glitch Broadcast My Private Information and Brought Me 4 Creepazoids in Less Than 24 Hours

Tinder has a massive software glitch that broadcasts a user's private and/or deleted information when you go to delete your account. If you use Tinder, you should read this.