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Hard Truths, Chapter 4.25:
12 Kickass MISSIONS for 2018

The part where I'm supposed to write something uber inspirational. Jeez. No pressure.

Hard Truths, Chapter 4.24:
The Uplifting Realization That You Don't Give a Fuck

Have you ever felt obligated to keep giving a fuck when you stopped giving a fuck about three miles back?
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Hard Truths, Chapter 4.23:
The Mailbox

When your inbox leads to a box in your mailbox. A story about boxes.
why I create erika napoletano

My Why (an artist's statement)

I decided it was time to answer my own questions on why the hell it is I do what I do. The answers I've discovered rest inside.
saying too much

How it Feels to Say Too Much

A thing about where all those allen wrenches from IKEA furniture go and how maybe I expected to be a pro human by age 44, not an amateur.
1500x630 Hippo

On Losing and Wondering When You're Ever Going to Fucking Win

How it took a dog I didn't deserve to introduce me to the life and love I did.