Hard Truths: The Cyclical Cash Crunch and Crushing Pain of Inconsistent Workflow

Hard Truth -- cash flow will always be inconsistent.

How to go (mostly) broke and still succeed in business

YMMV, but it's possible to make less money and make more of what matters most.

Are You Stuck in the "Aspiring" Trap?

What if you weren't "aspiring"? What if you were actually... doing?
fun 1500

You're Making Shit Up. Have Fucking Fun.

The title is censored. The post is not. Take the FU out of the fun you're supposed to be having.

Give Yourself Permission to Write Complete Crap

Crap, crap, crap. I love writing crap. I didn't use to. Now, it's part of my day. Make it part of yours.
compare and despair 1500

Compare and Despair: A super (not) fun game for the whole family

If you wanna really mess up your day, I can make that happen in 3 simple steps.