insomnia sleep 1500

Sleep, creativity, and the bastards that both are

How much do you wanna bet my upstairs neighbor has a Roomba?
fuckmuppet e napoletano

How Much Of Your Life Do You Live For Other People's Approval?

ave you ever looked in the mirror after a haircut and thought,…

A Death in X Parts: Part Three - DAWN

How to use a Pygmy Hippopotamus to ask your beloved to wed and other ridiculous ideas.
losing my mom - vertical erika napoletano

A Death in X Parts: Part Two - VERTICAL

When people ask how I'm doing, I say "vertical."
losing my mom - eclipse

A Death in X Parts: Part One - ECLIPSE

Losing my mother -- a series in X parts. This is part one.
found in translation

Found in Translation

How many rides are we willing to take to get to where we want to go in this life?