terror 1500 napoletano

Terror (the most SFW title I can conjure)

Nothing wrong with a little kick in the pants every. Single. Day. Why I tap into THE THING that terrifies me most to fuel me.
insomnia sleep 1500

Sleep, creativity, and the bastards that both are

How much do you wanna bet my upstairs neighbor has a Roomba?
fuckmuppet e napoletano

How Much Of Your Life Do You Live For Other People's Approval?

ave you ever looked in the mirror after a haircut and thought,…

A Death in X Parts: Part Three - DAWN

How to use a Pygmy Hippopotamus to ask your beloved to wed and other ridiculous ideas.
losing my mom - vertical erika napoletano

A Death in X Parts: Part Two - VERTICAL

When people ask how I'm doing, I say "vertical."
losing my mom - eclipse

A Death in X Parts: Part One - ECLIPSE

Losing my mother -- a series in X parts. This is part one.