found in translation

Found in Translation

How many rides are we willing to take to get to where we want to go in this life?
year end feature 1500

12 Kickass MISSIONS for 2018

The part where I'm supposed to write something uber inspirational. Jeez. No pressure.

The Uplifting Realization That You Don't Give a Fuck

The weight is lifted. Be free, my friend.
MAILBOX feature 1500

The Mailbox

When your inbox leads to a box in your mailbox. A story about boxes.
why I create erika napoletano

My Why (an artist's statement)

I decided it was time to answer my own questions on why the hell it is I do what I do. The answers I've discovered rest inside.
saying too much

How it Feels to Say Too Much

A thing about where all those allen wrenches from IKEA furniture go and how maybe I expected to be a pro human by age 44, not an amateur.