How to Rescue Messages from Facebook's "Other" Inbox

Are you one of the thousands of people who found important messages in your "Other" Facebook Messages inbox? A fix in three simple steps from RedheadWriting.
Erika Napoletano headshot

Is Facebook Hiding Your Messages?

Is Facebook hiding messages from you? Probably. Tips from the Evil Lady Who (apparently) Ignores Facebook Messages on reclaiming your notifications.
Bitch Slap Blinding Audacity

The Bitch Slap: Blinding Audacity

How much weight do you put on the online click to connect? Thoughts on the audacity that social media's brought into our lives and if relationships are suffering.

How to Add Your Fan Page as Your Employer on Your Personal Facebook Profile

Michelle Mangen of Your Virtual Assistant guest posts at RedheadWriting to show you how to make your Fan Page your employer on your personal profile and offers a handy newsfeed management tip.

And the Lord Said - Let there be Ponies!

I won a fucking PONY! (Okay, not really - but I *did* win something) Tune in, monkays.

I'm a Sucker for Crappy Customer Service

Hello. My name is Erika and I'm a sucker for crappy customer service. (Hi, Erika) I really should enroll in a 12 step program to shed this addiction I have.