TOO feature 1500

On Being TOO

You've heard it. You're T-O-O. Me, too.
misplaced feature 1500

The Time I Misplaced My Vibrator

My eyes flashed in panic. Nooooooooo.....
body jerk feature 1500

When Your Body is One Giant Jerk

When your body is a jerk, it affects a lot of things. Very exciting (not) things.
bad shit feature 1500

The Amount of Time we Spend on BAD Bad Shit is Staggering

The difference between GOOD bad shit and BAD bad shit -- and the time we give each.
smell home feature 1500

The Smell of Home

I forget that "home" has a scent...until I venture out long enough to remember.
different feature 1500

Other Folks Don't Live Like We Do

Ever forget how good you've got it till you go somewhere that isn't like home?