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How Much Of Your Life Do You Live For Other People's Approval?

ave you ever looked in the mirror after a haircut and thought,…

A Death in X Parts: Part Three - DAWN

How to use a Pygmy Hippopotamus to ask your beloved to wed and other ridiculous ideas.
TOO feature 1500

On Being TOO

You've heard it. You're T-O-O. Me, too.
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The Time I Misplaced My Vibrator

My eyes flashed in panic. Nooooooooo.....
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When Your Body is One Giant Jerk

When your body is a jerk, it affects a lot of things. Very exciting (not) things.
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The Amount of Time we Spend on BAD Bad Shit is Staggering

The difference between GOOD bad shit and BAD bad shit -- and the time we give each.