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Other Folks Don't Live Like We Do

Ever forget how good you've got it till you go somewhere that isn't like home?
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I Forgot

I can't believe how I forgot about this. And now, I'm wondering if I forgot...or if I just made it all up.
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Hard Truths, Chapter 4.5:
How to Be a Better Human

6 simple ways to be a better human in a world that wants us to be anything BUT.
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Hard Truths, Chapter 4.4:
Some Breaks Never Completely Heal

This is the FOURTH year I've committed to writing a blog a day…
saying too much

How it Feels to Say Too Much

A thing about where all those allen wrenches from IKEA furniture go and how maybe I expected to be a pro human by age 44, not an amateur.
one point five miles closer

One-Point-Five Miles Closer

Letting go. Letting in. Moving forward. And it all gets you 1.5 miles closer to where you're supposed to be.