forgot feature 1500

I Forgot

I can't believe how I forgot about this. And now, I'm wondering if I forgot...or if I just made it all up.
better human feature 1500

Hard Truths, Chapter 4.5:
How to Be a Better Human

6 simple ways to be a better human in a world that wants us to be anything BUT.
heal feature 1500

Hard Truths, Chapter 4.4:
Some Breaks Never Completely Heal

This is the FOURTH year I've committed to writing a blog a day…
saying too much

How it Feels to Say Too Much

A thing about where all those allen wrenches from IKEA furniture go and how maybe I expected to be a pro human by age 44, not an amateur.
one point five miles closer

One-Point-Five Miles Closer

Letting go. Letting in. Moving forward. And it all gets you 1.5 miles closer to where you're supposed to be.
how to be ready

Baby, You're Never Gonna to be Ready

You're a whole lot of things right now, but ready isn't one of them. And that's completely cool.