meet Clark Kent

Hard Truth 210: Meet Clark Kent

Meet Clark Kent...for real.
how to remove_linkedin_endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements and How to Turn That Shit Off

Tired of ego-stroking LinkedIn Endorsements? Me too. Let's turn that shit off. NOW.
how to use LinkedIn etiquette

The Bitch Slap: Stop Being a Jackass With Your LinkedIn Requests

Learn how to use LinkedIn before you start jamming up my inbox, would you?A lesson in social media etiquette -- and common courtesy.
Bitch Slap Blinding Audacity

The Bitch Slap: Blinding Audacity

How much weight do you put on the online click to connect? Thoughts on the audacity that social media's brought into our lives and if relationships are suffering.
crop snark Erika Napoletano

LinkedIn Needs to Fire Their Direct Response Copywriter

So, LinkedIn has this nifty email campaign it sends out to advise you of a connection request. A lesson to never assume what your audience wants or has to offer.

Social Networking: Such is the Way With Asshats and Defending Your Honor

"I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning-up the mess that a previous firm has left behind."