how to fail erika napoletano

How to Fail (with gusto) OR Tell Your Inner Critic to Take a Hike

Our inner critics (along with the ones who surround us each day, ready and waiting to beat down every incremental success we might find a moment to celebrate) are long overdue for an extended hike in a heavily wooded area teeming with wolves and frumious bandersnatches.
revisiting einstein

Redhead Down! Or...Revisiting Einstein

A bit about my hair, my inability to walk (apparently), and a request that you sit down and have a chat with a very smart man.
where do i begin

Where Do I Begin?

When you're tired of feeling the way you feel, how do you take the first step towards feeling something...better?

Nine Awesomely Unpopular People from History

When you think of unpopular people, do these six folks from history come to mind? They should. A post for parents -- and anyone who thinks the unpopular path isn't one they want to travel.

Marketing Shenanigans: Interviews The Redhead

The folks over at asked me to spill the beans on the…

90 Seconds of Must-See Paralympic Action (and why you should care)

Admit it. You’re guilty of it. You see someone in a wheelchair.…