how to remove_linkedin_endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements and How to Turn That Shit Off

Tired of ego-stroking LinkedIn Endorsements? Me too. Let's turn that shit off. NOW.
social media prison lessons

5 Social Media Lessons I Learned in Prison

What can prison teach you about social media? Ask a girl who's been there. A guest post by Social North's Julia Rosien.

Question: How Rude Are YOU?

How rude are you? A preview and link to my newest column on OPEN Forum...there's a better way to do business in this social world, methinks.

What's Missing from Social Data

A redux of my trip to the Big Boulder conference last week and a bit about some guys playing with their balls.

Twitter Advertising: Why Small Biz Should (Probably) Run Screaming

A heavily-tattooed redhead, one story on Squawk Box, and why I think small business owners should run screaming from Twitter's "new" ad platform.

Your Website + Pinterest (the thing no one's talking about)

Short, sweet, and to the point. You might think Pinterest is just 4Chan for your mom (so did I) - but you need to care. Even if YOU don't use it.