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The Smell of Home

I forget that "home" has a scent...until I venture out long enough to remember.
help needed

Hard Truths, Day 5: Help, You Asshole.

We'll spend all the time and energy in the world tearing someone less fortunate down. Yet in less time and energy, we could have asked, "How can I help?"

Marketing Shenanigans: Interviews The Redhead

The folks over at asked me to spill the beans on the…

Power to the Pen: Lessons From My Childhood About Doing Good Business

Today's post is a bit special. To me, at least. I'm a longhand…

Without Hope or Agenda

A little holiday cheer from Erika, the voice behind Redhead Writing. And a gratuitous ass shot.

Fuck YEAH Friday! Kick In to Kickstart the Opiate Gallery

The first installment of F*ck Yeah! Friday - kick in to kick start the arts, whydontcha?