Choosing Between Who You Love and What You Love

That’s one hell of a subject line, isn’t it?

While I was in NYC top of January, I sat down with Jonathan Fields to record an episode of his podcast, The Good Life Project. I’d been on before — back when he was doing video interviews (remember this hair and those 10lbs I needed to lose?).

We talked about making big choices.

Why I do what I do. How I got here. How I used to build theatrical scenery in Virginia and pull cable through AT&T central offices and install fiber optic bays for a living.

And all of it got me here.

So today, I’m happy to share with you the episode we recorded.

If you’re reading this via email, you can click here to listen.

Otherwise, have a listen while you’re on the train, cleaning the house, or just sitting around STUCK about what to do next.

Choices — we all have them. They vary in size, shape, depth, and severity. But never forget that we have them.

And as humans, we’re wired to make the safe ones.

I’ve been working on making better ones instead.

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