Things That Don’t Suck: Hot Robots (Denver, CO)

Hot Robots - Image courtesy of Hot Robots' FacebookTelling a band they sound like someone else is akin to having the guy/gal you’re dating say: Holy shit, you’re totally like my ex-. I mean, I’m still totally friends with him/her! They’re so freakin’ RAD!

Yeah. They’re still you’re goddamn ex-.

Welcome to the brand-spankin’-hire-a-dominatrix-to-whip-your-ass section of Redheaded Fury called THINGS THAT DON’T SUCK. This is the first entry because I found something this weekend that didn’t suck. Hot Robots.

Most of you would never guess, but I’m a Goth Girl Gone Good. I had lyrics from 7 Seconds and Dead Milkmen painted on my wall (along with a self-rendered portrait of Robert Smith – w00t!) during my Angst Days. I still find it difficult to deviate from black as a wardrobe staple. With affinities that range from gangsta rap to standards from the Rat Pack era, my passion is still pulsating rock that makes my sweater kittens jiggle just a lil’ bit.

I strolled down to the Meadowlark here in Denver on Saturday night to kick it and take in some of the local music scene, a first for me since moving here over 5 months ago now. While I pulled a “dumbass” and went to the Larimer Lounge first, I eventually ended-up in the right locale. With its speakeasy-like downstairs access, I was instantly charmed and hoped that my “interior experience” would equate.

While the band prior to my newly discovered droid-generated musical porn was more of a Barenaked Ladies with an extended kitsch factor, I was granted redemption shortly thereafter by the Hot Robots. As I’m beholden to giving you the X-meets-Y-will-it-blend take on their brand of tunage, I’ll tell you it’s not at all what I expected. They’re The Jets meet Cold War Kids. A little bit of Fallout Boy thrown in the blender with the Psychedelic Furs, but without the annoyingly haunting undertones. Glasvegas without the stupid-ass name. Four guys, talented as fuck whose drummer instantly captivated my twisted sense of humor with his “Curves for Women” t-shirt. Seriously – does it get any better?

Bottom line? They don’t suck. I’m an audiophile, a snob, a bit of a nostalgic and serious bitch when it comes to what makes it onto the “car trip” CDs. These guys are there. While they may describe themselves as “pop,” I truly beg to differ. While I’m not advocating the use of illicit drugs, I’m just sayin’ that they’re like the buzz one could hypothetically (I’ve heard) get off a bump of coke that’s not cut all to fuck with baking accoutrements. Skip the blow and go droid. In the opinion of The Redhead, it’s the same mind-blowing buzz without the shitty side effects or possibility of incarceration.

Check out the Hot Robots MySpace page for upcoming gigs and some tunes. Give their tunes Break and Dandelion a listen or just buy their new album “Built to Tilt.” Call me crazy but I just love that there’s a big silver ball on the cover that looks like it’s going to roll over and crush some twisted Vegas casino landscape. So, I’ll apologize now for comparing the Hot Robots to all of my ex-musical lovahs. I’m still friends with all of them.

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5 replies
  1. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    I am sorry – what was this post about? My mind started wandering after Goth and then got totally absorbed into the wonderful daydream of cute sweater kittens and pulsating… um rock. Yea.

    Things that don’t suck –

    I think I liked the song Just the way it is the best –

  2. @Paukku
    @Paukku says:

    Awesome blog. Even though I did have to read it several times. I kept getting lost after sweater kittens. And you know I have a thing for Goth girls…

    Definitely checking out Hot Robots.

    Thanks, Red.

  3. Fascinated
    Fascinated says:

    Dear Redhead,

    On behalf of my fellow Robots, I’d like to thank you for your endorsement. Fall Out Boy??? REALLY?


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