Ever Feel Like This?

ever feel like thisYou log into WordPress. Under Posts, you click “Add New” (because fuck you, that’s why).

A mental note is made to contact your ISP as your page loads painfully slow. Maybe you should upgrade to another Godzillion Mbps.

THE PAGE IS HERE. Oh, glorious day.

Your fingers set upon the keys like Columbus departing the dock on a chartered voyage. The next few minutes go something like this:

type type type <backspace backspace>


<pet Small Dog>

type type <stare>

<expletive of choice>


<backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace>

<extract Diet Pepsi from fridge>

<respond to 9 status updates on Facebook>

<fuckery on Twitter>

<stare at screen>

*head desk*

Your head is swimming with thoughts and you have absolutely. Nothing. To say.

Everyone else has something to say — your inbox is full of pithy lists and business bitching.

Folks are lining up to respond to the latest question posted by some asshat in the LinkedIn group you’re (for some reason) still a member of — there are already 32 responses and you can’t seem to write 25 (fucking) words that stick together.

Your brain is a jumble of magnetic letters strewn on a fridge and your Small Dog is licking the letter T.

Today, just know that I know how you feel.

On Monday, I have a post coming that’s taken me 40 years to write.

It ain’t gonna be pretty — but it will be honest.

Some of you might hit unsubscribe — which is completely understandable.

But you might find something in it all that can help your brand. Your business. Maybe even your heart.

It’s called “Somewhat Broken, Completely Fixed.” And thanks for being the reason I wrote it.




I just read this post, so I'm definitely waiting with baited breath for today's upcoming post.


Just thought I would chime in on behalf of a blogger or two, who I happen to know have this situation frequently (although it is a cuddly cat and not a small dog).  Keep talking, cause when you have a block, its usually something that needs to come out, but you're scared.  ::frankly, that scares me...:::  ;-)  Can't wait til Monday!


Uhh, yup. That is how I have felt quite a bit lately. Friends of mine told me to stop trying to write and just take a break. I thought they were fucking nuts. How dare they tell a writer to take a break (a couple of them are also writers) from writing and blogging? As it turns, they were right. A one week break and BOOM. New post. One week isn't much in the grand scheme of things but when you're me, one weeks like months. I'm weird like that I guess.

Thanks for sharing this post. It came at the right time for me as well.


temptress. hero. (I do like Saucy's suggestion that you're running for Tx Gov - but that would mean you have to spend money there.)

Rachel Gilliam: Punch Presence
Rachel Gilliam: Punch Presence

I swear,  you know the right time to write about this kind of stuff. Like every time. Thank you for your voice, Erika. 


Sure, so then you write about that. (heart)

Aliza Stein
Aliza Stein

You're running for governor of Texas, right?