Fuck YEAH Friday! Kick In to Kickstart the Opiate Gallery

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I just really like the picture of this guy…

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My passions for startups AND the arts are never a question. It’s also never a question that I think my kickass photographer, Darren Mahuron of Summit Studios, is a fuckin’ genius.

Yeah, I said fuckin’ genius. And it’s not a term I use loosely.

So when I heard that Darren, who is perhaps THE driving force behind the collaborative nature of Fort Collins, Colorado’s thriving arts scene, is opening a new gallery this December, I asked: HOW CAN I HELP?

The answer was to ask my audience: how can YOU help Darren?

He tells his story better than anyone and recently spoke at the inaugural TEDx Fort Collins. Some of the attendees were “confused” when Darren build a TED talk video instead of giving a live presentation. Well, shit howdy – what’s the confusion? Darren’s an artist and did exactly what TED is designed to do: deliver ideas worth spreading – and who’s to say what the medium has to be? You can view that video here, but in the meantime…

Let’s talk about how you can help

Darren launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the new studio of the ground. What’s even more kickass is that they’ve reached their initial funding goal of $5,500 (in a day and age where lots of startups can’t raise $500).

So why am I blogging about it today?

The initial outlay of cash to open the new studio is in excess of $10,000 — $5,500 barely begins to put a dent in what Darren and the Fort Collins arts community is putting into the renovation and launch. So…

Got a buck?

I had a glaring moment of clarity yesterday as I was out running errands and pulling out of a shopping center parking lot. There was a young lady – no older than in her very early twenties – sitting at the exit of the parking lot with her dog and a single bag. Her cardboard sign said, “Just want to go home, saving for bus fare.” Knowing full well that dogs can’t go on buses, I was curious. So I headed over to the supermarket and grabbed a small bag of dog food, a few boxes of breakfast bars, and some fruit and put it all in a reusable grocery sack. I also hit up the ATM for $60. I headed back over to where I saw her, parked my car, and had a chat with her. The dog would be staying here if she couldn’t find a way to get her home, but she wanted to go to Chicago. She’d followed a boy. Shit hit the fan. Shelters don’t take pets. I handed her the bag and cash, no additional questions asked, got in my car and drove away.

However you choose to spend your money in this economy

Why not spend it in a way that has the potential to start something? Feed something. Or even, someone. Feed their stomachs, hearts, souls, passions, or even their dogs?

I never present you with a cause that I haven’t personally donated to and this one is no different. I’m in for $100 and maybe a few of you will join me. In a day and age where arts education is being cut in our public schools, shouldn’t we find a way to keep these artistic resources alive for those who will thrive because they continue to exist?

Watch the video. And if nothing else, enjoy its quirks. If you’re so inclined, Kickstarter lets you donate as little as $1. And the next time you’re in Fort Collins, Colorado, stop by and see what the generosity and support of people like you were able to create – all with a little giving.

It’s Thanksgiving, ain’t it?

You can donate to this Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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The Redhead
The Redhead

I have no problem whatsoever asking for money to help support projects I believe in and that my audience might find of interest - but this blog RARELY makes financial asks. I think you might be missing all of the times I *don't* ask for money. Like supporting the defeat of the SOPA bill in Congress this past week. Visiting websites. And every other post I create throughout the year that makes no "ask" whatsoever. People here are smart - if you can support something, that's great and we all appreciate it. If you can't or don't want to, that's totally up to you as well. In any case, Bill, thanks for sharing the message and props for getting involved out there on your own terms in causes about which you're passionate. And you might notice: the things I ask my audience to do for ME *never* cost money. ;) Maybe you'll need to bring awareness to something someday and I'll be able to share on the blog and find some extra support for you. If we can't do that as a community, why the hell are we even here?

Angie D
Angie D

FYF is just a brilliant thing to do. Supporting local artists feels great. Thanks so much!


So, I'm skiming over a lot of (great:) details and even the point to ask: what about the chic & dog?  Would you consider a follow up?  Or perhaps sending her to the library to start her own Kickstarter for her new old life in Chicago (with Fido, I hope)? #AnimalLover