Hard Truth 203: We’re Beyond Prayers

I don’t know.

I just don’t fucking know anymore.

I’m a 42-year-old woman with friends who own guns. Responsibly. I have friends who are competitive shooters. Friends who hunt (also responsibly).

And I’m a woman who wakes up to a nation shocked by yet another mass shooting when we refuse to do anything about the guns.

And it’s hard, because I don’t have an answer.

It’s fucking hard because I can’t look at my friends — people I love who own guns — and tell them that THEY are the problem.

And it’s also fucking hard because I can’t stand to see one more #prayfor____ hash tag floating around.

Today’s hard truth is that we’re a nation beyond prayer.

Pray for Sandy Hook. Pray for Paris.

Just imagine if we were as interested and active as we are angry.

Well, that did fuckall, didn’t it?

Now we’re supposed to pray for San Bernadino. Fuck that.

And it’s not about your faith — I don’t give a shit IF you pray or WHAT you pray for. I’ve been on my knees, praying with everything I had to let something, somewhere, keep the man I loved on this earth. I do know what it feels like to offer your heart and soul in exchange for something so desperately wanted.

I also know what it feels like to have the weight of the universe fall upon me when that prayer is unanswered. To have every ounce of everything you’ve just lost crush you.

Today, we are a nation crushed.

We’re a nation crushed by our own hate — of one another, mostly. We are crushed by our own inaction — and in many cases, willful inaction. WE WANT A PIZZA and yell for pizza but we won’t dial a fucking phone to order one or buy the ingredients to make one ourselves.

We’re a nation looking for a new leader — somehow thinking that changes shit when it’s happened nearly every 4 years since the dawn of our government when it’s actually Congress that determines whether shit gets done and how many of you actually know who your Congressman is or even voted for him or her?

We’re a nation clutching to arms — it’s yes or no instead of how can we meet in the middle for safety, for our progeny, for our sanity.

We are a nation beyond prayer because shit that horrifies us is just going to keep happening until we DO something.

So, today — here’s what you can do:

1) Register to vote – you can do it right here and all you need is the last 4 of your SS#.

2) Contact your local and state elected officials. Write to your mayor, your governor, your senator, your state representative, and the White House. Today.

3) Look to have the next better conversation. We won’t get anywhere with gun owners yelling at people who vilify them. We won’t get anywhere by saying every gun owner is the problem. It’s so much more fucking complex than that and complex issues require conversation. The conversations that will change the world never happen on the Internet or Facebook or on a blog post your friend who had this thing about a gun happen to him or her. The conversations that change the world happen when the people sitting around the campfire LISTEN.

4) If you think it helps, pray. But pray that the ACTION you’ve taken is enough.

5) Don’t stop. Being a citizen isn’t something that happens for a fleeting moment in a voting both every four years. It’s a daily responsibility. And there’s not a single one of us who wouldn’t benefit from knowing more about what’s going on in our government right now. If we were all a bit more interested each day, holy shit.

Just imagine if we were as interested and active as we are angry.


PS: as you know I pass on shit worth reading — this was an educational piece of good shit regarding the history of the Second Amendment.

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  1. MarkHarrill
    MarkHarrill says:

    Thanks so much for writing this.  It was a very timely article.  Great as always.  I posted this when I shared it to Facebook:


    So I had a friend of almost 30 years unfriend me last night after an
    argument in the comments area of a post I left last night. I deleted the
    post because I did not believe having our shit all over the floor in
    the open was positive and should be handled privately. 
    course, instant messages are not a way to solve things when tone cannot
    be conveyed. So this person simply unfriended me. And that is ok.
    Hitting a button on the interwebs to make a point is one way of handling
    I have made it a habit lately not to ever wade in on
    someone’s thread if it is political/religious because it serves no
    purpose and these conversations almost always turn negative. So if you
    enter into one of my comments and I realize it is going to become a huge
    circle jerk, I am going to say I am out. This does not mean I believe
    your opinion does not matter, it simply means I want to spend my time on
    positive things. 
    I cherish the diversity of my friends. I am
    happy to have productive discussions, but if it is clearly going to be a
    “I am right and you are wrong” argument I am going to take the high
    road and punch out. 
    If this does not work for you, you are free
    to hit that button. I am not going to change who I am. I will continue
    to give you the shirt off my back, be a shoulder to cry on, fight for
    your right to have your beliefs (or lack thereof), teach my kids to be
    open minded, and love you and always be there for you regardless of our
    button status. 
    You are always welcome back my friend. Love and
    peace and fuck those that want to kill us. Leave more than you take
    every single damn day.

  2. keystoneglobal
    keystoneglobal says:

    I agree that the gun situation in the USA  is beyond prayers — but what are prayers on this issue  – thoughts in the wind –  what you need is strength of action- here in Australia our last large scale shooting (classed as greater than 4 individuals injured) was when an individual Bryant in Port Arthur  killed 35 and injured 23. our leadership took the unpopular step of introducing strict gun control laws. since then no such incidents –Not One  and that was in 1996 – yes we have  gun related incidents but nothing like the the per head of population that you do in the USA. its not prayers you need you need leadership with the guts to act and act now

  3. docfargo
    docfargo says:

    Would you agree with that statement that people are putting too much focus on the guns? There may be other common factors that we are overlooking in this conversation.

  4. RichardGurberg
    RichardGurberg says:

    No “right to bear arms” here in Canada either..no one suffering for that (or even complaining for that matter). And mass shootings? Very very rare over here..such a toxic environment in US. Sad to see..


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