Help a Sister Out, Would Ya?

Have you ever read one of my posts and thought:



If you’ve ever done that, I need your help today.

Not so long ago, a boatload of you replied when I asked what scares you.

Today, I’m curious about something else because I’m working on something over the holidays.

And you’re going to determine what it is I’m working on.

Because I’ll be working on it for you.

So, here’s what I want to know. The fear stuff — it’s in the works.

But if I could create ONE THING that would HELP YOU in some small way, what would it be?

I mean, shit. It could be a curated archive of hedgehog gifts.

Maybe it’s an eBook about all the ways you can use the word fuck for good instead of evil.

Maybe it’s a video or audio or something all multimedia A.F.

I don’t know.

But will you tell me? Just hit reply. I’ll get the message, I promise. I’ll even email you back to say I got it.

Because on December 26th, I’m getting to work. Whatever I’m creating, it’ll be done by January 1 and ready for you and I’ll send you a link so you can view/download/rub it on your thighs.

But here’s why I’m asking:

I see a shitload of creators out there creating what they create without knowing if it’s something you want. I mean, you know me. You know I’m not going to act out the entire King James version of the Old Testament.

So I’m asking — knowing me like you do, what can I give to you?

And it’ll be free.

So, hit me up and tell me. And keep in mind that books take about 6 months to write and whatever I do, I’m going to do it right.

And I look forward to hearing from you and the darkest places of your beautifully fucked-up brains.

Oh, and if you want something to read/view today that is super fucked-up, Chuck Wendig posted the finalists in his Awkward Author Photo Contest. All I’m saying is that I’ve made an appointment with my therapist as a result of having viewed them.

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5 replies
  1. dragonfly415
    dragonfly415 says:

    hmmmmm well you have “fear” covered…… maybe write something about grief???   how it chews you up, spits you out, yet still isn’t done with you, and how SO MANY people take it differently so it is retarded to expect people to handle it the same way.  Maybe pointing out to people that not everyone is going to walk the same path, might hit the same potholes, but not in the same order, every journey is different…….   although that isn’t a very pleasant subject, too many people are scared to talk about it. or death at all. It happens. it happens for some of the most screwed up reasons, but it happens. every damn day and eventually you WILL lose someone that will wreck your world, and you will get through it…… I hate when people say “oh I don’t know how you do it”… well fucktard, I don’t have much of a choice. People die and the world keeps spinning, without them, so I HAVE to DO IT!   ugggg….. sorry… probably the shittiest response you have gotten so far but thats where I am today. Maybe tomorrow I will suggest writing about rainbows and farting unicorns… who knows!!!  Love reading your stuff though!! You do seem to get in our heads  🙂

  2. Elly M
    Elly M says:

    I like dragonfly415’s idea. Grief. Maybe the facets of it? Not just losing a loved one but.. I know when I became disabled/got sick 10 years ago (I’m 30) it’s been a big fuckin’ side show circus. Feeling like I’m the “Helper” strapped to the wheel as whichever stage of grief decides to see if it can hit me or if I can dodge that fucker. Honestly your article about how “Everything Happens For A Reason” has been one of my saving graces. I hear that and “God never gives you more than you can handle” so much it makes me want to shake the people who say it til their heads rattle. Anyways, I rambled. Something about dealing with the stages of grief would be amazing.

  3. Elly M
    Elly M says:

    I should’ve composed my thoughts before writing this. Some small thing on how to deal with the fact that the stages of grief don’t always follow an order and any one can sneak up on you at any moment despite how long it’s been would be nifty too.

  4. PaigeMitchellGarland
    PaigeMitchellGarland says:

    I would LOVE an app!  Whatever you want to post about, just keep posting.  I just know that when I have an app notification it is an easy way to get to the information right then and there.  Daily blog posts are great, and I will listen to audio or read your posts, so keep it all coming.  I would just LOVE the ease of downloading an app to have it all right there at my fingertips.  By the way, I was reading your post from December 16, “Your Day Started Better Than Mine,” while in line at the drive through window at the pharmacy.  I am certain my pharmacist thinks I am in need of WAY different meds, I was gut laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks as I pulled up to the window!  Thank you, you make my day DAILY!

  5. dragonfly415
    dragonfly415 says:

    Elly M Good point, grief isn’t always about losing someone, sometimes it is about losing yourself.  Hope the days ahead will be kind to you. Take Care


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