Hey Good Lookin’ – What’s Your Number?

whats your numberAs a prelude to Friday’s year-end wrap-up post, I’m making a guest blogging appearance over on Spin Sucks. A huge thanks to Gini Dietrich and Lisa Gerber for asking my red head to share some thoughts with their audience, so what can you expect to find when you clickity-click on over to their ‘hood today?

Probably not this. Or this (SAD FACE!). And while this would be super fun, it’s probably going to look a lot more like this.

What’s YOUR number?

My friend Rich Mackey reminded me this morning of a line from the George Clooney film Up in the Air: “What did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?”

That, my friends, is The Number.

Hop on over to Spin Sucks (hey – I’m just tickled I got to do a guest post for a blog with “sucks” right in the title) and tell me what you think about the concept of The Number. We’ve all had one at some time or another, and sometimes The Number is what leads us to a path we love because we’ve followed one we’ve hated for so long.

And if you read for no other reason, read for this thought:

“We should be using our businesses to buy our passions a playground, not to sell our souls.”

Clickity Click Click to head over to Spin Sucks

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