Your Prices Are Too Low.

how to raise my pricesEver want to raise your prices but hit the pause button because you were scared of the fallout?

Fallout. What a bullshit word. Scared? I get it. Fallout? Bullshit.

I’ve fallen into that BS-filled trap, too.

As someone who’s getting ready to raise the price on my Buy Me Coffee sessions, I thought it was high time to talk about the giant pink pterodactyl in the room: pricing.

I don’t charge the same today as I did when I first hung out my shingle in 2007. Frankly, I’d be a raging nitwit if I did. In my latest Entrepreneur Magazine column, I sat down with Dan Waldschmidt to get his thoughts on pricing. Dan’s company, Waldschmidt Partners, consults with Fortune-level clients on sales strategy. Pricing is a frequent pink pterodactyl flying through those conversations and consulting contracts. His pterodactyl-slaying thoughts just might shake you up enough so you get on with what needs getting on with and put your prices where they need to be.

And it’s never about how much you charge. It’s about the value your customers and clients get for what they spend — and whom they’ll tell after they spend it.

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