I Could Win a PONY! (Vote to Support The Redhead)

westword best of the web awards 2010 redheadwritingStraight-up, the statement that I could win a pony is total horse shit. However, a few of my colleagues and clients have all passed an opportunity my way over the last day or so and I’d like to see if I can get your support.

Before I even moved to Denver, a pal here told me I should subscribe to Westword’s email updates. It was the local pop culture/news weekly and having always been a fan of these types of pubs, I headed over, dropped my email address in various slots and…haven’t regretted it since. I even pick up the printed pub each week at one of several locations around the city. They’re ballsy, unafraid to drop the f-bomb and I enjoy unplugging/plugging in to their content.

Considering this is the city I now call home (and one that feels more like home than any of the other cities in which I’ve lived), I’m glad a pub like this is in my backyard.

So how about helping me out with a vote in Westword’s Best of the Web 2010 Awards?

Here’s how you can help:

  • Visit this link to vote
  • It would appear that I am the best fit for lines 3, 21, 22, and 33.
  • For categories that are blog-related, use my blog link: http://ericanapoletano.com
  • For categories that are Twitter-related, use either http://twitter.com/Redheadwriting or @RedheadWriting
  • For categories that are Facebook-related, use http://www.facebook.com/RedheadWriting

And now, it appears that the voting system is designed so that you can vote multiple times.

Don’t game the system. God kills puppies every time you game the system and I love puppies. Give the folks over at Westword some respect and if you choose to nominate me and my efforts, don’t be a douche by jamming up their system. Once is great and more than I could ever ask for.

You guys are the reason I get to do what I love each and every day and you span far and wide across the globe. Can you help a sister out in her own backyard?

Enough of the shameless self promotion.

Now, as your reward, there’s a new contest launching on RedheadWriting tomorrow! My previous two winners have each earned $150 VISA gift cards, but this one is a little different. It’ll be exclusively for my Denver-area followers – but don’t fret! There will be another one soon after for my monkays around the globe.

Vote early, don’t necessarily vote often (or if you do, don’t let me catch you), and tune in tomorrow for something pretty kickass for my local peeps.

Now – if you have a kickass local pub in your neck of the words, leave the deats below – include a link, too. I’d love to see the happs in your world (and tell us why you love it!).

PS: for Number 1 on the Westword poll (Best Neighborhood Blog), I’ve personally nominated Unseen Denver. Maybe you’ll do the same ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Andrew J. Gay
    Andrew J. Gay says:


    That was quite a project! At first I was just going to vote for you in every category, your the only “local” Denver person I know, then I got the better of me and decided to play properly.

    Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I voted the way you suggested either, I had to have a little fun with it. hehehe

    Here is how I voted for you, if you don’t win at least 1 pony I’ll be a horses ass!

    #3: Best personal blog: http://redheadwriting.com
    #4: Best political blog: http://redheadwriting.com/category/bitch-slap
    #5: Best Activism blog or Site: http://redheadwriting.com/category/redheaded-fury
    #6: Best Sex Blog: http://redheadwriting.com/category/top-posts (I was disappointed that the slug for this was not actually “Porn”)
    #8: Best bar blog: http://redheadwriting.com/the-bitch-slap-denver-dbag

    ***The Boring Ones****
    #18: Best us of twitter by a rapper: couldn’t resist! lol
    #20: Best use of Facebook to promote a biz
    #21: Best use of Twitter to promote a personal brand
    #22: Best us of Facebook to promote a personal brand

    ***More fun****
    #30: Best Tweet of the year: From: @RedheadWriting: @AndrewJGay Fuck the cameras and I still don’t believe that 47 in a 35 is “excessive.” 90 in a 35? EXCESSIVE!
    #33: Best Twitterer: @RedheadWriting
    #34: Best blog post of the year: http://redheadwriting.com/access
    #36: Best local celebrity Twitter Account: @RedheadWriting

    That’s about it, I think there may have been a couple more, but those were my picks. I know, I have too much time on my hands… But once I saw that list of categories, the light went off and I went crazy.

    Good luck! I’m sure I helped… especially with the rapper and the sex votes!

  2. PJ Mullen
    PJ Mullen says:

    Done…and I only voted once per category. I hate it when people game voting systems. When I’m not handling my brood or piloting the swagger wagon I manage two social good campaigns for a friend’s company. Every month come voting time some yahoo has to go and waste their time with several hundred duplicate votes and it pisses me off. Then again, when I delete them all and they see their effort was all for naught it is slightly satisfying.

  3. Ingrid Abboud
    Ingrid Abboud says:

    Best of luck to you Erika. Just voted now! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you for who ;). But it appears you forgot to give yourself credit for #34 as well – Best Blog Post of the Year. So I went ahead and did that for ya!

    Cheers to the Redhead


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