Is Your Head Up Your Ass?

Head Out of Ass View Might Surprise YouFor the better part of 40 years, I’ve walked around with my head straight up my ass.

Not that it’s a particularly attractive look, but it does accomplish a few things:

Limited sight lines (keeps me from seeing shit I don’t want to see).

Keeps my head warm when it’s cold (though a snazzy hat could accomplish the same task, and more fashionably)

Aaaaand that’s about it.

When I look back at my first 40 years, I think it’s pretty fucking astonishing what I’ve been able to accomplish during my moments of clarity — those where I opted to strategically remove my head from my ass. And in all sincerity, it makes me want to cry.

Why? Because of all the time I’ve wasted on refusing to see.

So today, I’ll throw a few questions at you that make me cry when I think of the answers. The only way out is through, and darlin’, there ain’t nowhere worth going that involves shoving your head up one’s ass to get there.

Why have I not done this?

What is it that I’m really afraid of?

What’s the worst thing that could happen if I have the conversation?

Have I placed money above my heart?

What have I neglected that deserves my attention?

What have I missed because I refuse to slow down?

Have I said, “I love you” today — and meant it?

Am I taking care of myself — and if not, why?

Have I let those close to me help when they’ve offered or have I been too proud to accept and insulted their generosity?

Have I set boundaries and do I honor them, or do I keep letting things through and lamenting the life I’ve created?

If I walk away, what’s next?

If I stay, is it willingly and enthusiastically?

Have I placed the opinions of others above my own?

Am I letting someone else run my life or is this my motherfucking ship Starship Enterprise?

Pull your head out of your ass — the view might surprise you. And it’s funny — after 40 years, the view still surprises me.

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Another great post, as usual, Erika!

I haven't necessarily had my head up my ass, but I have definitely avoided things due to exhaustion, fear, leaving my comfort zone, etc. I'm 38, and the last ten years has been filled with losing my 28 year old sister to a horrific battle with Breast Cancer, losing my father to a sudden (and massive) heart attack and two more close relatives (quite tragically).

Although I continued to function at a relatively high speed (running marathons, starting businesses), I was stuck and didn't feel like I was moving forward with my goals. And just the other day, I realized part of the issue was I didn't have goals - I didn't know what I really wanted. I was afraid because so little had worked out for me, and so much had gone tragically awry. So I stopped dreaming, hoping and wanting.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have made some big business decisions. I've decided to put more of ME into my branding (my Web site and blog - to be finished in a few days), and to consult versus doing the projects and tasks myself. And I've also decided to specialize, which I've been afraid to do for years (thinking I would lose out on revenue). This is a huge leap out of my comfort zone, but once I made the choice, things started to open up for me.

Last Saturday, I traded in my 15 year old car (she was good to me), and bought my first brand new one. And this isn't just any car - it's a fully, fully, fully loaded, ruby red SUV (with a gas-saving engine, of course). And it hasn't hit me yet that I own this car, because it's so far beyond what I thought I would ever have. As silly as it sounds, this car represents faith and hope. It's a symbol that you can dream big, and that those dreams can work out, even when so many things in the past have not.


As humans, we all have our heads up our asses sometimes.  It's the douchebags who remain in denial about it that bakes my noodle lately.  I remember those days.  Denial was so easy to maintain.  Until the pain got great enough, and I had no choice other than to pull my head out my ass and find happiness on a new level (and exponential success) or die...  

So it's great to see these questions - they can help bring reality back into focus in regard to our having our own ability to change the life we see surrounding (and closing in on) us..


Love this post - especially the graphic :)  You/your site are currently becoming my go to place for much needed kick up the arse and head out of arse - we all need it sometimes to break the rut we are in and start living with what we love rather than what we think we 'should' be doing - well I do anyway! cheers Erika for the reminders :)