It’s Maria F^&*ing Shriver!

Late last year, I got an email saying that Maria Shriver’s blog would like me to write a contributed post, sharing my story about how I’ve done what I’ve done with my career.

I’m sorry — who wants me to write a contributed post?

Maria. Fucking. Shriver.

Yeah — that’s what I thought you said.

Me? Write a post for MARIA SHRIVER? Well, okey dokie.

So today, I’m delighted (and most humbled) to announce that it’s up. My post on how I did what I did…except it’s not really a post on how I did it.

See, no two people’s Hows are the same. So me telling you MY How wouldn’t do you a whole hill of beans worth of good. So, I chose to take a twist, to share the Why behind how I’m able to do what I do every day and for the audience I adore doing it all for.

Preposition at the end of a sentence alert. 

I hope you’ll click over and have a read – just click the graphic below an you’ll be brought to Maria Shriver’s site an the tale I’ve woven that’s a journey through my Whys.

I don’t know about you, but my Whys have changed significantly over the past 40 years. Maybe yours have, too.

Can’t see the image? Just click here to be taken to the post.

Erika Napoletano Maria Shriver



How exciting to write a post for Maria Shriver! Lovely and inspiring as always. I finally figured out how to move forward and do something I love to do...and part of my Why is because I started reading your blog in late 2009. My life changed for me literally overnight, and your writing was inspirational and deeply influential on me. Keep up the kick-ass work!

~ Reese :)


One of my favorite's Erika.  You're one of my favorites.  Your life and your stories (and the WAY you tell them) are an inspiration to me as I try to reinvent myself in my early 40's.  Thank you.