How to Lose Your Mind…and Find What You Need

losing your mindNot so long ago, I wrote about losing my mind in one of my Sunday Subscriber-Only emails. It was super duper. I promise.

If you weren’t subscribed then, you missed it and that’s cool. But since I went through my little mini-nervous breakdown, I’ve done more than a metric fuckton of thinking about this life and business of mine.

What I want.

Where I’m headed.

Who I want along with me on that ride.

And my readers, along with the people who were in that audience that day who heard me talk about what I wanted first hand, are the reason I keep thinking about it.

Since that day, I’ve received 123 (awww, that’s such a cute number, isn’t it?) emails and messages from people between LinkedIn and my contact form from people who were there in that room or who read my Sunday subscriber email. How do I know? I save (nearly) every email my readers send me because it’s fucking awesome that they took the time to do that.

99% were thanking me for being so open and brutally honest about the fact that I was, in no uncertain terms, losing my shit.

The 1%? No matter what you do, there will be someone who didn’t like what you had to say. That’s cool. I replied to them, too, and thanked them for being honest with ME about how they felt.

One of the biggest shifts that happened when I returned home was mixing up my pitches each month for my column over at American Express OPEN Forum. Surely there had to be an audience for my twisted take on business. Thankfully, my editors over there let me have at it with a whole different twist.

Which is why I wrote about how losing my shit has been the best thing for my business.

We spend our days trying to keep it together. Why? Because people expect us to keep it together. We’re the “experts” (blergh). The folks in the know. If we lose our shit, how credible is that?

Lemme tell ya something. It’s beyond credible. It’s human. And if I’m nothing more on this journey — as a human and a business owner — than human, then I’m going to chalk that up as one huge motherfucking success.

Losing your shit — it’s a not-so-fine art, but an art no less. And since I’ve lost mine, my load is lighter, direction more clear than it’s ever been, and I understand one thing more fully than ever:

Being in business ain’t worth a frog’s fine ass hair if you ain’t acting like a human being.

So if you’re interested, have a look at my latest column in OPEN Forum:

What You Could Gain by Losing Your Mind

If you like it, share it. Leave a comment. Invite your cat over to have a read. If you don’t, leave a comment about that, too.

I’m exhausted with trying to be the superhero. I’d much rather spend my days doing what I love:

Telling stories to, for, and about smart people who like to think


Helping people get from where they are to the next better version of themselves.

So long as I can do those two things, I am Batman.




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