Love Me, Hate Me — Who Do YOU Love to Hate?

brands we love to hateYeah, I know — that headline sounds like it lives in NegVille. “Who do you love to hate?”

The fact is, you hate stuff. I hate stuff. But the fact that we hate those things doesn’t make ’em any less successful. If that were the case, no one would wear UGGs. Wow. I really, really hate UGGs.

Now, before you go off on some tirade about how comfy and warm your beloved UGGs are — that’s the point. You love something, and I hate that exact same thing.

And that’s what drives passion. (If you want a great read on passion, there’s a great post over on Jonathan Fields’ blog today on the topic.)

For my latest column on OPEN Forum I took to my Facebook page and asked: “Brands you love to hate and why. GO.”

Hundreds of responses later, here’s the list. You built it, I wordsmithed it.

So pop over and have a read — see who loves to hate what. And for damn sure, some of my favorite brands made the list. Maybe one of your faves (or least faves) did, too.

PS: keep in mind that lists like this can go on forever, so I chose the top 5 from your responses. Have more ideas? Drop ’em in the comments on the column!

Check out Five Brands We Love to Hate on American Express OPEN Forum.


Actually I don't hate anything. I found out I may have cancer - life is too short to spend it hating. The person or thing you hate doesn't feel it and doesn't care.  Why burden yourself with such negativity? Yeah, I know that sounds like Pollyanna bullshit, but I am as serious as a heart attack.  Or cancer. I do love you though!


Kobe asked....nah, I don't hate anybody.....