Monday-Tastic Graphic: Will You — or Will You Keep Whining?

Sack Up and Make Fabulous Sht Happen - erikanapoletanodotcomIt’s this simple.

You’re READY for change to happen. You crave it like a shitty ballpark hot dog smothered in mustard and relish with a side of $8 Coors Light in a $0.10 cup.

You’re ABLE to bring about the change. You’re smart. Damn smart. I’d even go so far as to call you “crafty”.

But are you WILLING?

It’s the elephant in the room. Willing. Change isn’t a bus that comes by at scheduled intervals. It’s not a letter than appears in your mailbox one day. It doesn’t look like Clive Owen or Jessica Alba and it’s not going to ask you out on a date.

Our diets fail because they’re diets. Only changes in lifestyle create the bodies we want to live in.

But to bring that change about, you have to be WILLING.

Will you sack up — or will you keep waiting for the bus…

…the letter

…the date with Clive or Jessica


This Monday is sponsored by Clive Owen, a small dog, and the letter Sack Up.

All images are licensed under Creative Commons and you’re welcome to share the shit out of them. Pinterest-approved, bulletin board-worthy, and Facebook-fabulous. While I might have used superfluous hyphens, I sacked-up to do it.


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  1. kdixon
    kdixon says:

    Never thought I would see “sack up” and “fabulous” in the same sentence, thank you. I remind myself each day to be willing to take imperfect action and keep moving!

  2. MitchRezman
    MitchRezman says:

    I call it the Phillipino monkey trap – They catch monkeys in the Phillipines by finding trees where the monkeys are. The hunters place coconuts that have small holes drilled in them. They fill the coconuts with rice. The monkeys can smell the rice and come down out of the trees to investigate. The monkees slip their hands into the coconut hole and grab a fistful of rice. Unfortunately for the monkey, they can’t extract their hand now because – it’s a fist that’s holding the rice which is now too large to pull out of the hole. The hunters come out of hiding and are now able to catch the monkeys who are slowed by dragging a coconut – because they won’t let go of the fucking rice. A lot of people are stuck because they won;t let go of the fucking rice

  3. writerdiehl
    writerdiehl says:

    Is sacking up the same as doing Kegels, for women?Just wondering anatomically.  Loved this — as always, Erika.


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