Marketing Shenanigans: Interviews The Redhead

name.com_logoThe folks over at asked me to spill the beans on the book. They even let me cuss (though some of the bombs have been strategically blipped out. DAMMIT!). I’d pretty much do anything for these guys, and here’s why:

Remember last year when GoDaddy’s CEO or something did something stupid (again) like support SOPA and there were hoards of folks looking for a new domain registrar for their websites? Well, stepped to the plate with massive discounts and kinda stuck it to GoDaddy where it hurt.

And I liked it.

So here it is, 3 minutes of semi-professionally edited insight into my head…and a lot of reasons I wrote this book in the first place. (And I got to pose in front of a super cool mural in downtown Boulder…)

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