Need and Want: the Holiday Edition

Need? Want?  Oh hell...Who knows?I want one of these. I want one of these, too. I wanna do this and this and can’t wait until it’s cold enough for me to do this.

The good news? I’m getting the second one and the fourth is inevitable. When I make up my damn mind about the first, the third won’t be far behind. Kinda cool how it will all come together.

I really suck at having patience. Growing up, my mom gave me a magnet that said, “Lord, give me patience but I want it right now!” It clung to the refrigerator for years – funny how my mother knew me to the core even when I was 7.

We’re a day away from the most gluttonous holiday of the year. We celebrate Tryptophan laced naps with the button of our jeans undone and green bean casserole made with nothing that could really be considered green beans. Dad asks when the turkey will be done and mom tells him to get his ass out of the kitchen. We need our families. We want the turkey. Without one, the other isn’t nearly so sweet.

So I said: Self, what is it you need?

I need to kick my own ass just a little bit more.

We improve at things by working with people who are flat-out better than we are. If we put away the jealously-wrapped- in-envy that they have something we want and start figuring our how to get it for ourselves…how much more useful would it be? I wonder why we go through life motivating ourselves with things that have nothing to do with us. It’s always for someone or something else.

At the end of the day, all that leaves us with is a pile of shit we thought we wanted. But we completely missed what we needed in the process.

It’s the way I view doping athletes. MLM marketers. Anyone who rates their business’ success based on revenue as opposed to personal fulfillment. You’re cheating yourself. Well, I can’t speak for you – I’ve cheated myself and it sucks.

Starting with me – that’s what I need. I don’t need a few beautiful bicycles but I need to ride. I don’t need a shiny new pair of BD Cobra ice tools but I need to climb. I don’t need to make millions – I just need to be happy doing what I do for a living.

While I sometimes feel the need to choke the living shit out of an asshat in front of me on the freeway, it’s more likely that I need to calm down.

As I go into a weekend filled with friends and things I love – I see that’s what I need. All those things I want – they’ll come. And if I set myself on the path of kicking my own ass a bit more, those things I want will be even sweeter when they cross my path.

Happy Turkey Day and apologies to the top buttons on jeans and pants everywhere.

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