Oops, I Did it Again…Another Guest Blog for The Redhead!

guest post toywithme.comMany of you who have followed my column for a fair bit know that I used to have a weekly column over on ToyWithMe.com called Dear Redhead. Well, The Redhead is back on ToyWithMe today. As an outspoken advocate for diversity issues including gay marriage, I’m addressing the recent Rutgers University debacle in today’s post.

While some of you may have difficulty accessing this website due to your corporate firewalls, know that the post isn’t by any means “adult” in nature. Stop by the site this evening when you get home from the office.

But if you need a good vibrator, they’ve got reviews of those, too 🙂

Are Universities Giving Hall Passes for Hate?

PS: Have you voted in the Westword Best of the Web awards for little ol’ me?

PPS: If you’re in Denver/Boulder, you could win tickets to see Lisa Lampanelli with me and 9 other folks on October 30 – today is the last day to enter!

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