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First – what the hell is this woman doing in this photo? I mean, she’s half-clothed, on a beach, in the relative dark, apparently running from some Stephen-Kingish threat looming off to the left, but she had plenty of time to doll herself up and apply an appropriate coat of sheen on her soon-t0-be-photoshopped skin. Ah, stock photography. This one says, “I am excited about being a stock photographer yet not so excited about actually choosing a theme for my photos so they are easily searchable.” If you’re curious, this one came up under “fierce.” Yep.

Today’s post is short. I just wanted to share a few things that changed my life this year. Maybe they’ve already changed yours. Maybe you know someone whose life needs changing.

Either way, they’re unfuckwithable when it comes to strength, meaning, and power. I hope you enjoy.

Hidden Figures


The movie based on this book is due out in limited release on Christmas day and in full release top of January, but please — don’t wait for the movie and don’t JUST watch the movie. There’s going to be so much history and nuance from this untold part of American history lost in Hollywood’s need to tell a compelling on-screen, character-driven story that you’re doing yourself (and your kids, if you have them) a huge disservice if you only see the movie.

The book takes you on a journey through the end of World War II, the civil rights movement, and the women of color who worked as “computers”(yes, they were human before mechanical) at NACA,which became NASA and their role in the Space Race.

Check it out here.

The MARCH graphic novel series by Rep. John Lewis

march trilogy

For my birthday this year, Clark Kent surprised me with Rep. John Lewis’ MARCH graphic novel trilogy. Not only that, he was recently at an educational conference in Washington, DC and got Rep. Lewis to sign book #2 for me.


I mean, seriously?! Not only does CK surprise me daily, but this is one of the most thoughtful and powerful gifts I’ve ever been given. I’d read Hidden Figures first, and the stories reinforced by Lewis’ own experiences in the civil rights movement are startling. If you’re ready to acknowledge your white privilege, introduce kids to the civil rights movement in a super cool way, or are just a curious person who wants to experience a powerful story, grab this trilogy.



Check out the trilogy here. Buy it wherever you’d like.

Maven for Women’s Health


I mean, fuck. Who knows what’s going to happen to our healthcare over the next year, not to mention the next four years. Me? I’m scared. Our system is beyond screwed in so many ways, but I’m also uninsurable without the provisions of the ACA.

Another story for another time.

But if you’re female and wondering where to go to find affordable healthcare, check out Maven.

They offer a limited range of services, but most importantly, mental health care — and privately. Appointments start at $18 and mental health care sessions are $70. And sometimes, it’s just nice to know you can talk to someone when you need to talk to someone without fucking with your insurance company.

Oh, and your first appointment is FREE with the code FIRSTFREE. They also have apps in the app stores.



I suck at saving money. If I see it, I spend it. That’s why I fell in love with Acorns this year.

Through Acorns, you can connect your bank accounts, credit, and debit cards and they automatically round-up your transactions and then once a week, deposit that money in your Acorns account. There, you can invest the money in a variety of risk-based portfolios and let your money grow.

It’s simple. Easy. I mean, hell, it’s automatic. And it’ll even give you bonuses when you shop through one of their partner Found Money retailers like Jet, AirBNB, Hulu, and more. Which is cool.

This makes saving easy because I don’t have to do it. And the app is free.

I like that.

Get started with Acorns here.

So, that’s it. Four little but powerful things that changed my year. And if nothing else, you now know about four awesome things that might change your year or the year of someone you love. Or even how you save money.

Like these ideas? Share them. Because it’s people like you that give me a voice. The least I can do is use it for good.

And have your own amazing things? Hop on over to Facebook and share them with us on this post so other people can find your amazing things and make them their amazing things.


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